Excellence Awards 1997
Each year, the University seeks out the innovators, the rare creators of solutions, the people especially adept at working productively with faculty, students, and administrators alike to honor with its Excellence Awards.

As a result, 16 faculty and staff members have been chosen this year for their effective and extensive contributions to the University and its community.


The Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty members for their skill, innovation and dedication to teaching and academic advising. This year we honor three colleagues for their excellence in this category.

Ernest Scatton Edelgard Wulfert Sekharipuram Ravi

Academic Service

The University Award for Excellence in Academic Service is presented to members of the teaching faculty who have demonstrated leadership and service to the University over a sustained period. There are two honorees in this category this year.

Lilian Brannon Sue Faerman

Support Service

The University Awards for Excellence in Support Service honor staff members — among them clerks, custodians, public safety officers, secretaries, maintenance and grounds-workers, bus drivers — who make possible so much of what a university can do educationally. Today we honor three individuals who truly do make a highly visible difference to this university.

Deborah Bourassa Fannie L. Washington Linda Healey

Professional Service

Excellence in Professional Service is awarded to individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves and the campus as a whole. A wide variety of work of great importance to the overall success of the University — including programs for students and assistance for faculty — is provided by the members of the professional staff. This year's winners of Excellence Awards reflect that breadth of services. There are three winners in this category.

William Hedberg Kathlyn Lowery Henry Kirchner


The Excellence in Librarianship Award recognizes skill in librarianship, service to the campus, the University and to the field, for scholarship and professional growth, and major professional achievements.

Gillian McCombs


The Award for Excellence in Research recognizes outstanding research and scholarship by members of the faculty over a sustained period of time. There are four recipients in this category.
Kenneth Able Judith Langer Winthrop Means Rober Carmack