Fannie L. Washington, food service coordinator for Dutch Quad, has worked for University Auxiliary Services since 1980. She is responsible for dining room maintenance, schedules and hours of student help, the training of employees, and maintenance of the sanitary conditions of the eating and serving areas.

For "Mrs. Fannie," as she is affectionately called by her students, work is a labor of love, whether in maintaining the best quality of meals and food service for the students, as well as for faculty and staff, or in providing an open line of communication with those she services. For many at Dutch Quad, she has become as a second mom, thereby affectionately earning her nickname.

Washington transferred to Dutch Quad in Fall 1995, at a time when criticism about the dining experience there was rampant. She quickly implemented steps to change that situation. She bridged the gap between staff, students, and the diversity of people residing there by improving efficiency and food variety for all. Among her initiatives was the creation of an authentic African-American cultural dinner in Fall 1996, which received high praise from the students. Another edition is eagerly awaited.

At Dutch and at her previous service coordinator posts at Colonial and Indian Quads, Washington spent personal time at home creating centerpieces and decorations that made dining tables more attractive. Her staff members always look to her confidently and readily for guidance and direction. She pushes them to improve their interpersonal skills, their desire for success, and so too their self-images.

Always extending herself beyond what is necessary, Washington has worked with the Summer Orientation Program and supplied greetings and helpful information to incoming freshmen and their parents, and to special constituencies like disabled students. She has assisted countless students in adjusting to college life, while taking their suggestions seriously in order to implement improvements to the service the University provides.

1997 Excellence Awards