Since 1987 Henry Kirchner has been Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, rising in position and responsibility several times within the division from his first University post as Assistant Dean of Students in 1970.

Effectiveness, versatility and devotion to the campus and student body have been his hallmarks throughout 27 years. At various times acting director of residential life, director of the Student Services Center, supervisor of the offices of Disabled Student Services, International Student Services, Off-Campus Student Services and administrative services, overseer of divisional budget and personnel, and Acting Vice President for Student Affairs (1986-87), and now supervisor of University Police Department and the Student Health Center, Kirchner has become the leading student advocate on campus, particularly in the areas of health and safety.

In addition, throughout the years he has provided important administrative support to the student affairs vice president.

Almost 25 years ago, Kirchner assisted three undergraduates in the creation of what is now the very successful student-run Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance service, and he continues to serve on its board of directors. He guided the development of the Student Safety Patrol and improved the student Don't Walk Alone escort service. Students in the past 27 years who thought they would need to swim through an ocean of red tape to see an idea reach fruition have often found that Kirchner was the only resource they needed, if their initiative was worthy and beneficial to students.

University relations with the local community, through cooperative safety efforts, have also been improved by Kirchner's engagement. He served as University liaison to the 1995-96 New York Special Olympic Games' organizing committee, and also handled successfully many of the logistics required by the Summer Training Camp of the New York Giants. The highest compliment to his work may be that when he becomes involved, anticipated problems never materialize.

1997 Excellence Awards