Energy and Carbon Calculators

Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator
While there are many good carbon footprint calculators, this one is more specific and allows you to include your primary as well as secondary footprint.

Office Energy Calculator
Calculate the energy and monetary savings by enabling power management and other energy savings techniques within your office.

Home Energy Yardstick
Enter your annual or monthly utility usage or costs and find out how energy efficient your home is and how it compares to similar homes.

Home Energy Calculators
The site helps you determine where you are spending your utility dollars at home and provides a list of recommendations to reduce your utility costs.

Equipment Energy Calculators
The site has various tools to calculate savings from purchasing energy efficient office equipment, commercial and residential appliances and heating and cooling products, commercial food services equipment and appliances, residential lighting products and consumer electronics.

Clean Power Estimator
Use this tool to calculate estimated costs and monetary, environmental and tax savings from installing a residential or commercial photovoltaic system.