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Class & Reunion Websites
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We look forward to adding links to websites for various classes and Milne School
junior and senior high school events. Please contact Judy Koblintz Madnick
for further information regarding links.

Also see the "Class-Reunion Planning" link above.

If you would like to share a prior-reunion experience to provide
other classes with reunion ideas, again, do so here!

Listings will be by class year, "oldest" to "youngest."

Space is limited on our website, so if you have photographs from your
reunion, please provide a link to your pictures on another website.

Click here for the Milne Alumni 2012 Reunion

Click here for pictures from the June 2, 2007, All-Milne luncheon event!
I missed a few Milne grads/attendees when I took the informal pictures,
and for that I apologize. Among the missing alumni/attendees in the photos are
Fred Bass, Bruce Daniels, and Serge Houtcieff.

Class of 1958 50th Reunion

Class of 1959 50th Reunion
See May 15, 2009, Alumni Newsletter

Class of 1961 - Multiple Reunions
(includes recent photographs of Milne)

Class of 1963
(this site is a "work in progress" – watch for updates!)

Class of 1964 40th Reunion
Class of 1964 40th Reunion Questionnaire Summary

2005 All-Milne Reunion "Save the Date" Newsletter

Class of 1966 40th Reunion Photos *
Reunion Website
Note: Album is currently "not found"

Class of 1967
(See news regarding the upcoming Class of '67 40th Reunion!)
Note: Album is currently "not found"

Class of 1971 35th Reunion Photos
Photos taken by Dave Aronson July 29-30, 2006
Note: Album is currently "not found"

Class of 1970
19 from 70 into 205 over 7/20 ....
what would Dr. DeLong make of this numerical expression?

Quite simply it means 19 members from the Class of '70 came together
at The 205 on Wolf (Holiday Inn Turf) for a few hours on July 20, 2007.
Click on the link above to see us!

*Note that you can view these photos without registering
by clicking on the option to "View photos without signing in."

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