Hall of Fame

Missing Milnites

As of March 20, 2014

If you have been unable to find a classmate or
have information regarding anyone listed below,
please notify Judy Koblintz Madnick.

Class of 1946:
Arthur Lawrence Hicks
John Stephen Knox
Dorothy Garth Strite

Class of 1959:

Susan Catherine Austin Colby
Mary Hale Mattice Jenson
Barbara Ann Sager Rogers

Class of 1961:
Barbara Corbat Ryan
Janice Humphrey Miller (emails bouncing)
Barbara Faulkner Mufti (emails bouncing)
Nancy Heins Wennig (emails bouncing)

Class of 1964:
Diane Marie Carroll

Class of 1967:
Susan Bloomfield
Jeffrey Gordon
Janet Mellen
Phyllis Rickman

Class of 1971:
Jean Hahn
Bonnie Jupiter
Joseph Metchick
Judi Mirella
Diane Reid
Bob Schere
Kyle Smith