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Milne Alma Mater

Hail Alma Mater true,
Our thoughts reach out to you,
Pledges of love renew,
Endlessly revered.

Knowledge of truth and right,
Guide us in paths of light.
We shall be joined in heart,
Never be far apart,
On altered trails embark,
Each to each endeared.

Class Song, 1938

by Frances Seymour and Recilla Rudnick, '38

Where the crimson and the white
Floats on high, displays its might.
Where the light of truth shines through
There's the school for me, for you.

Reverent thoughts revert to you
You our thoughts have won.
Reverent thoughts revert to you
When our day is done.

As the hour of parting nears
Mem'ries from throughout the years
Make us think of all the fun,
And the friends we know we've won.

Class Poem, 1938

By Sylvia Rypins, '38

Here lie six years, no tears now, sped away
To the last second of the last long day.
No way to advance it, no way to regard, through the hours unnumbered,
The end we have watched for so long seems to have come while we slumbered.
Let's set our eyes firmly ahead; to look back is a promise of sorrow.
We'll burn the old books and old papers; step bravely forth to tomorrow.

Here lie in state, no tears now all is past,
All of the might-have-beens not done at last.
Waiting like ships in the dark, each smallest fiber aquiver
To sail away to the sea down the wonderful unexplored river
Rest calmly our last night on shore; pray that our ships all untried yet
May sail in beauty and strength away to the mist-hidden sunset.