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Milne Faculty and Staff Directory

This list of is far from complete, so . . . please provide the names of any other
faculty or staff members (junior and senior high school) that you remember and send
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Note: Principals are listed chronologically.
Other faculty members are listed alphabetically.

"Deceased" designations are being (carefully) added, so if you
know that a faculty or staff member is deceased, please notify Judy.


Dr. William V. Jones (1890–1904) (Deceased)
Dr. William B. Aspinwall (1904–1906) (Deceased)
Prof. James R. White (1906–1907) (Deceased)
Dr. John M. Sayles (1907–1939) (Deceased)
Dr. Robert W. Frederick (1939–1946) (Deceased)
Dr. Robert Satterlee Fisk (1946–1948)(Deceased, 2007)
Dr. Theodore Fossieck (1948–1972) (also see Guidance) (Deceased, 1996)
Mr. Charles W. Bowler (Acting Principal, 1965–1966) (Deceased)
Dr. Nicholas DeLuca (1972–1974) (also see Assistant Principal)
Dr. William Keller (1975–1976)
Dr. Thomas Boehm (Fall 1976) (also see Science) (Deceased)
Mr. Cecil Johnson (1976–1977) (also see Science) (Deceased)

Assistant Principals

Mr. Harold Bell
Mr. Charles W. Bowler (Deceased)
Dr. Paul G. Bulger
(Deceased, 2000)
Dr. Nicholas DeLuca (see also Principal)
Dr. Robert W. Frederick (Deceased, 1973)
Dr. John A. Green/Director of Research
Mr. Gary Spielmann (also see Social Studies)
Ms. Ida Waite

Art Department

Ms. Beatrice Albert
Mr. Edward Cowley (Deceased, 2014)
Mr. Peter DeLong
Mr. Robert Haberer
Ms. Grace Martin
Mr. Vincent Popolizio
Ms. Brita Walker (Deceased, 1987)

Audio-Visual Department

Dr. William Henderson
Dr. Floyd Henrickson (Deceased)

Business/Commerce Department

Ms. Elizabeth D. Anderson
Ms. Margaret Armstrong (Deceased)
Mr. Theodore Bayer
Ms. Royann Salm Blodgett
Mr. Louis Cohen
Dr. Edward Cooper
Dr. Roswell Fairbank
Mr. Thomas Kinsella
Ms. Joanna Milham
Dr. Eunice Miller
Mr. Gustave E. Mueller (Deceased, 2003)
Ms. Helen Safford
Mr. Gordon Simpson
Dr. Ruth Woolschlager

Driver Education

Mr. Robert Wallace
Dr. Richard Ellis (Deceased, 2020)

English Department

Mr. Theodore Andrews
Dr. Eleanor D. Brown (Deceased, 2006)
Ms. Lee Cheatham
Dr. James Cochrane (Deceased)
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Conklin
Mr. Warren Densmore
Ms. Anita E. Dunn (Deceased, 1990?)
Ms. Dusenbury
Mr. Edward R. Fagan
Ms. Eleanor Waterbury Franz (Deceased, 2001)
Mr. Freel
Ms. Jayne B. Garrison
Dr. Francis Hodge (Deceased, 2018)
Ms. Ruth Kelley
Ms. Beatrice Klein (also see Language)
Mr. William Kraus (Deceased)
Mr. Richard Lewis
Ms. Naomi Mager (Deceased, 1995)
Ms. Jessica "Jessie" Malheiros (Deceased, 2008)
Dr. David W. Martin (Deceased, 2007)
Ms. Cecilia McGinnis
Ms. Margaret Prelewicz
Mr. John Roch
Mr. Hugh Smith
Ms. Miriam Snow
Ms. Eleanor Tweedie (Deceased, 1992?)
Mr. Richard Weeks (Deceased)
Ms. Katherine E. Wheeling

Guidance Department

Mr. Nelson Armlin (also see Social Studies) (Deceased)
Dr. Annie Barrow (Deceased, 2015)
Ms. Frances Crellin
Dr. Theodore Fossieck (also see Principals) (Deceased, 1996)
Mr. Harry Grogan (also see Physical Education) (Deceased, 1973)
Ms. Margaret Hayes
Dr. Harold Howes (Deceased, 2011)
Dr. Mary Catherine Hudson
Dr. Ralph Kenny
Ms. Lydia K. Murray (also see Physical Education) (Deceased, 1989?)
Dr. John Ralph Tibbetts (also see Science) (Deceased, 2006)
Rev. Thomas C. Winn (also see Science) (Deceased, 2003)
Mr. Mark P. Yolles (Deceased, 2015)

Health Instructor / School Nurse

Ms. Madah McDowell (Deceased)

Home Economics Department

Ms. Anna Barsam (1938: "Instructor in Clothing") (Deceased, 1986)
Ms. Blaine
Ms. May Fillingham ("Foods")
Ms. Florence Frear ("Clothing")
Ms. Barbara Quayle Dupuis (Deceased)

Industrial Arts Department

Mr. Arthur F. Ahr, Jr. (Deceased, 2017)
Mr. Fred Lyon
Mr. Harlan Raymond (Deceased)

Language Department

Mr. Wilfred P. Allard (French)
Ms. Helene Crooks (French)
Dr. Jeannine Der Ohannesian (French) (Deceased, 2020)
Ms. Hilda Deuel (French) (Deceased, 2020)
Ms. Mary Jane Dewey
Ms. Mary Ann Ferrari (Spanish)
Ms. Annette Foloky
Ms. Linda Gaylord (French)
Mr. Charles Graber (Latin) (Deceased, 2012)
Ms. L. Antoinette Johnson (Latin)
Ms. Beatrice Klein (French) (also see English)
Dr. Jack Krail (Spanish & French)
Ms. Susan Losee (French) (Deceased, 2005)
Ms. Helen Mayo (Spanish)
Ms. Gina Moore (Spanish)
Dr. Harriet Norton (Latin) (Deceased, 2006)
Ms. Geraldine O’Connor (French)
Ms. Florence Raanes (Latin)
Ms. Ruth Sabel
Ms. Madeline Sapone (French) (Deceased, 2017)
Dr. William Short (Spanish)
Mr. Richard Smith (French)
Ms. Virginia Smith (Latin & French)
Ms. Rosemary Thomas (now Dallas) (French, 1968-1969)
Dr. Ruth Wasley (French)
Ms. Evelyn K. Wells (Latin, French)
Ms. Marjorie Wheaton (French)
Ms. Mary Jane Wilson (Latin)


Ms. Thelma Eaton
Ms. Alzada F. Hall
Ms. Naomi Hannay
Ms. Gloria Herkowitz
Ms. Mabel Jackman (Deceased, 2006)
Ms. Betsey Keene
Ms. Genevieve Moore
Ms. Patricia Morgan
Ms. Marion W. Redway
Ms. Evelyn R. Robinson

Maintenance Staff

Ms. Maud Fisher
Ms. Margaret Hyde
Mr. James Lockman
Mr. William Ridner
Mr. Charles Sacks
Mr. Joseph Sammons
Ms. Marie Sample
Ms. Clara Schmidt
Ms. Ida White

Mathematics Department

Ms. Goldina Bills
Mr. Russell Blythe
Mr. Richard Buck (Deceased, 2016)
Mr. Harry Clawson (Deceased)
Ms. Anne L. Cushing
Mr. Glenn DeLong (Deceased, 2004)
Ms. Jane DeSantis
Mr. Kenneth Drake
Dr. Margaret Farrell
Ms. Maxine Fischer
Mr. George Forgette
Dr. Randolph Gardner (Deceased, 2017)
Ms. Elizabeth Glass
Mr. Haughe
Ms. Cheryl Hudson
Ms. Edna F. Layton
Ms. Mildred Nielsen
Dr. Herbert Oakes
Ms. Barbara O’Brien
Ms. Anna Laura Palmer
Ms. Florence Potter
Ms. Cheryl Roemer
Dr. Robert Shostak
Dr. Barbara Shrader
Dr. Daniel Snader
Mr. Albert Wooton

Music Department

Ms. Brown
Ms. Frieda Klaiman
Dr. Roy York, Jr. (Deceased)
Ms. Helen York, Assistant to Dr. York

Physical Education Department

Mr. Fred Stanton Ackerman (Deceased, 2018)
Mr. Kooman Baycheff
Ms. Claudette DeLamater (Deceased)
Mr. Harry Grogan (also see Guidance) (Deceased, 1973)
Mr. G. Elliot Hatfield
Mr. Merlin W. Hathaway (Deceased)
Ms. Joan Heaphy
Ms. Margaret Hitchcock
Mr. Steven Jones
Mr. Robert Lewis
Ms. Lydia K. Murray (also see Guidance) (Deceased, 1989?)
Ms. Barbara Palm
Ms. Barbara Brown Peters
Mr. Douglas Phillips
Mr. John Tanno
Mr. Merle Tieszan
Ms. Alice Weiss


Dr. Thomas Atkinson (Deceased)
Ms. Margaret D. Betz
Dr. Thomas Boehm (also see Principal) (Deceased)
Mr. Branbaur
Mr. David Champagne
Mr. Walter Farmer (Deceased)
Mr. William Fullager
Mr. Francis Harwood
Ms. Clara Hemmett (Deceased 2020): "An inspiring science teacher who taught biology at Milne in the 1950s. . . . She was a wonderful teacher and human being." (Doris Markowitz Greenberg, '57)
Ms. Gladys Herrick
Mr. Cecil Johnson(also see Principal) (Deceased)
Mr. Joseph Kelly
Dr. Carleton Moose (Deceased, 1975): "The best, brightest, innovative teacher ever!!" (Bruce A. FitzGerald, '56)
Mr. Donald Pruden: "He was wonderfully inspiring. He taught science through fun experiments and was never intimidating. I remember him saying once 'If you can learn English, you can learn science.' A few of us rode our bikes to Cape Cod for our senior project, and he helped us convert some three-speed to higher-speed bikes and helped us plan how to get in shape. Our first stop on our trip was at his house. He cared about us as students, but also as people." (Debbie Stinson '72)
Mr. William Reynolds
Ms. Barbara Schermerhorn
Mr. Harley R. Sensemann
Mr. John Sturm
Dr. John Ralph Tibbetts (also see Guidance) (Deceased, 2006)
Rev. Thomas C. Winn (also see Guidance) (Deceased,2003

Secretarial Staff

Ms. Katie Beverly
Ms. Teri Cameron
Ms. Lesa Clark ???
Ms. Rosemary Fritz
Ms. Barbara Grubalski
Ms. Gertrude Hall (Secretary to Mr. Sayles)
Ms. Amelia Nicos (Secretary to Mr. Sayles)
Ms. Ruth Poffley (Deceased, 1986)
Ms. Sarah L. Reingold
Ms. Marian Clancy Scully
Ms. Ann Smith
Ms. Sarah Solomon
Ms. Linda Lufkin Taylor

Social Studies / Social Science Department

Mr. Nelson Armlin (also see Guidance) (Deceased)
Ms. Barbara Brown-Peters
Dr. James Crowley (Deceased)
Mr. George Forgette
Mr. Daniel Ganeles (Deceased, 2006)
Mr. Ellis Hagstrom
Ms. Millicent Haines
Dr. Helen T. Halter
Mr. Nathaniel Henderson (Deceased)
Dr. Michael Lamanna (Deceased, 2002)
Ms. Charlotte McKeefe
Ms. Cynthia Downs Mockler
Mr. Robert Neiderberger (Deceased)
Ms. Elizabeth F. Shaver
Ms. Frances Slater
Ms. Jean P. Smith
Dr. Gerald W. Snyder (Deceased, 2001)
Mr. Arthur Soderlind
Mr. Gary Spielmann (also see Assistant Principals)
Dr. Wallace W. Taylor, Social Studies

Alphabetical List of
Milne Faculty and Staff
(Thank you to Mary Welch for preparing this list.)


Dr. William V. Jones, Principal (1890–1904)
Dr. William B. Aspinwall, Principal (1904–1906)
Prof. James R. White, Principal (1906–1907)
Dr. John M. Sayles, Principal (1907–1939)
Dr. Robert W. Frederick, Principal (1939–1946)
Dr. Robert Satterlee Fisk, Principal (1946–1948)
Dr. Theodore Fossieck, Principal (1948–1972)
Mr. Charles W. Bowler, Principal (1965–1966)
Dr. Nicholas DeLuca, Principal (1972–1974)
Dr. William Keller, Principal (1975–1976)
Dr. Thomas Boehm, Principal (Fall 1976)
Mr. Cecil Johnson, Principal (1976–1977)


Mr. Fred Stanton Ackerman, Physical Education (Deceased, 2018)
Mr. Arthur F. Ahr, Jr., Industrial Arts, Coach (Deceased, 2017)
Ms. Beatrice Albert, Art
Mr. Wilfred P. Allard, French
Ms. Elizabeth D. Anderson, Business
Mr. Theodore Andrews, English
Mr. Nelson Armlin, Guidance, Social Studies (Deceased)
Ms. Margaret Armstrong, Business (Deceased)
Dr. William B. Aspinwall, Principal (Deceased)
Dr. Thomas Atkinson, Science (Deceased)

Dr. Annie Barrow, Guidance (Deceased, 2015)
Ms. Anna Barsam, Home Economics (Deceased, 1986)
Mr. Kooman Baycheff, Physical Education
Mr. Theodore Bayer, Business
Ms. Margaret D. Betz, Science
Ms. Katie Beverly, Secretarial Staff
Ms. Goldina Bills, Mathematics
Ms. Blaine, Home Economics
Ms. Royann Salm Blodgett, Business
Mr. Russell Blythe, Mathematics
Dr. Thomas Boehm, Principal, Science (Deceased)
Mr. Charles W. Bowler, Principal, Assistant Principal (Deceased)
Mr. Branbaur, Science
Ms. Brown, Music
Ms. Barbara Brown Peters, Girls Physical Education, Coach, Social Studies
Dr. Eleanor D. Brown, English (Deceased, 2006)
Mr. Richard Buck, Mathematics (Deceased, 2016)
Dr. Paul G. Bulger, Assistant Principal (Deceased, 2000)

Ms. Teri Cameron, Secretarial Staff
Mr. David Champagne, Science
Ms. Lee Cheatham, English
Ms. Lesa Clark, Secretarial Staff
Mr. Harry Clawson, Mathematics (Deceased)
Dr. James Cochrane, English (Deceased)
Mr. Louis Cohen, Business
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Conklin, English
Mr. Edward Cowley, Art (Deceased, 2014)
Ms. Frances Crellin, Guidance
Ms. Helene Crooks, French
Dr. James Crowley, Social Studies (Deceased)
Dr. Edward Cooper, Commerce
Ms. Anne L. Cushing, Mathematics

Ms. Claudette DeLamater, Girls Physical Education, Coach (Deceased)
Mr. Glenn DeLong, Mathematics (Deceased, 2004)
Mr. Peter DeLong, Art
Dr. Nicholas DeLuca, Principal, Assistant Principal
Mr. Warren Densmore, English
Dr. Jeannine Der Ohannesian, French (Deceased, 2020)
Ms. Jane DeSantis, Mathematics
Ms. Hilda Deuel, French (Deceased, 2020)
Ms. Mary Jane Dewey, Language
Mr. Kenneth Drake, Mathematics
Ms. Anita E. Dunn, English (Deceased, 1990?)
Ms. Dusenbury, English

Ms. Thelma Eaton, Library
Dr. Richard Ellis, Driver Education (Deceased, 2020) Mr. Edward R. Fagan, English
Dr. Roswell Fairbank, Business
Dr. Walter Farmer, Science (Deceased)
Dr. Margaret Farrell, Mathematics
Ms. Mary Ann Ferrari, Spanish
Ms. May Fillingham, Home Economics ("Foods")
Ms. Maxine Fischer, Mathematics
Ms. Maud Fisher, Maintenance
Dr. Robert Satterlee Fisk, Principal
Ms. Annette Foloky, Language
Mr. George Forgette, Mathematics, Social Studies
Dr. Theodore Fossieck, Principal, Guidance (Deceased, 1996)
Ms. Eleanor Waterbury Franz, English (Deceased, 2001)
Ms. Florence Frear, Home Economics ("Clothing")
Dr. Robert W. Frederick, Principal, Assistant Principal (Deceased, 1973)
Mr. Freel, English
Ms. Rosemary Fritz, Secretarial Staff
Mr. William Fullager, Science

Mr. Daniel Ganeles, Social Studies (Deceased, 2006)
Dr. Randolph Gardner, Mathematics (Deceased, 2017)
Ms. Jayne B. Garrison, English
Ms. Linda Gaylord, French
Ms. Elizabeth Glass, Mathematics
Mr. Charles Graber, Latin (Deceased, 2012)
Dr. John A. Green, Assistant Principal/Director of Research
Mr. Harry Grogan, Guidance, Physical Education (Deceased, 1973)
Ms. Barbara Grubalski, Secretarial Staff

Mr. Robert Haberer, Art
Mr. Ellis Hagstrom, Social Studies
Ms. Millicent Haines, Social Studies
Ms. Alzada F. Hall, Library
Ms. Gertrude Hall (Secretary to Mr. Sayles)
Dr. Helen T. Halter, Social Studies
Ms. Naomi Hannay, Library
Mr. Francis Harwood, Science
Mr. G. Elliot Hatfield, Boys Physical Education, Coach
Mr. Merlin W. Hathaway, Physical Education, Coach (Deceased)
Mr. Mr. Haughe, Mathematics
Ms. Margaret Hayes, Guidance
Ms. Joan Heaphy, Girls Physical Education, Coach
Ms. Clara Hemmett, Science (Deceased, 2020)
Mr. Nathaniel Henderson, Social Studies (Deceased)
Dr. William Henderson, Audio-Visual
Dr. Floyd Henrickson, Audio-Visual (Deceased)
Ms. Gloria Herkowitz, Library
Ms. Gladys Herrick, Science
Ms. Margaret Hitchcock, Girls Physical Education, Coach
Dr. Francis Hodge, English (Deceased, 2018)
Dr. Harold Howes, Guidance (Deceased, 2011)
Ms. Cheryl Hudson, Mathematics
Dr. Mary Catherine Hudson, Guidance
Ms. Margaret Hyde, Maintenance

Ms. Mabel Jackman, Library (Deceased, 2006)
Mr. Cecil Johnson, Principal, Science (Deceased)
Ms. L. Antoinette Johnson, Latin
Mr. Steven Jones, Boys Physical Education, Coach
Dr. William V. Jones, Principal (Deceased)

Ms. Betsey Keene, Library
Dr. William Keller, Principal
Ms. Ruth Kelley, English
Mr. Joseph Kelly, Science
Dr. Ralph Kenny, Guidance
Mr. Thomas Kinsella, Business
Ms. Frieda Klaiman, Music
Ms. Beatrice Klein, French
Dr. Jack Krail, Spanish, French, English
Mr. William Kraus, English (Deceased)

Dr. Michael Lamanna, Social Studies (Deceased, 2002)
Ms. Edna F. Layton, Mathematics
Mr. Richard Lewis, English
Mr. Robert Lewis, Boys Physical Education, Coach
Mr. James Lockman, Maintenance
Ms. Susan Losee, French (Deceased, 2005)
Mr. Fred Lyon, Industrial Arts, Coach

Ms. Naomi Mager, English (Deceased, 1995)
Ms. Jessica "Jessie" Malheiros, English (Deceased, 2008)
Dr. David W. Martin, English (Deceased, 2007)
Ms. Grace Martin, Art
Ms. Helen Mayo, Spanish
Ms. Madah McDowell, Nurse (Deceased)
Ms. Cecilia McGinnis, English
Ms. Charlotte McKeefe, Social Studies
Ms. Joanna Milham, Business
Dr. Eunice Miller, Business
Ms. Cynthia Downs Mockler, Social Studies
Ms. Gina Moore, Spanish
Dr. Carleton Moose, Science (Deceased, 1975)
Ms. Genevieve Moore, Library
Ms. Patricia Morgan, Library
Mr. Gustave E. Mueller, Business (Deceased, 2003)
Ms. Lydia K. Murray, Guidance, Physical Education (Deceased, 1989?)

Mr. Robert Neiderberger, Social Studies (Deceased)
Ms. Amelia Nicos (Secretary to Mr. Sayles)
Ms. Mildred Nielsen, Mathematics
Dr. Harriet Norton, Latin (Deceased, 2006)

Dr. Herbert Oakes, Mathematics
Ms. Barbara O'Brien, Mathematics
Ms. Geraldine O'Connor, French

Ms. Barbara Palm, Girls Physical Education, Coach
Ms. Anna Laura Palmer, Mathematics
Mr. Douglas Phillips, Boys Physical Education, Coach
Ms. Ruth Poffley, Secretarial Staff (Deceased, 1986)
Mr. Vincent Popolizio, Art
Ms. Florence Potter, Mathematics
Ms. Margaret Prelewicz, English
Mr. Donald Pruden, Science

Ms. Barbara Quayle Dupuis, Home Economics (Deceased)

Ms. Florence Raanes (Latin)
Mr. Harlan Raymond, Industrial Arts (Deceased)
Ms. Marion W. Redway, Library
Ms. Sarah L. Reingold, Secretarial Staff
Mr. William Reynolds, Science
Mr. William Ridner, Maintenance
Ms. Evelyn R. Robinson, Library
Mr. John Roch, English
Ms. Cheryl Roemer, Mathematics

Ms. Ruth Sabel, Language
Mr. Charles Sacks, Maintenance
Ms. Helen Safford, Business
Mr. Joseph Sammons, Maintenance
Ms. Marie Sample, Maintenance
Ms. Madeline Sapone, French (Deceased, 2017)
Dr. John M. Sayles, Principal (Deceased)
Ms. Barbara Schermerhorn, Science
Ms. Clara Schmidt, Maintenance
Ms. Marian Clancy Scully, Secretarial Staff
Mr. Harley R. Sensemann, Science
Ms. Elizabeth F. Shaver, Social Studies
Dr. William Short, Spanish
Dr. Robert Shostak, Mathematics
Dr. Barbara Shrader, Mathematics
Mr. Gordon Simpson, Business
Ms. Frances Slater, Social Studies
Ms. Ann Smith, Secretarial Staff
Mr. Hugh Smith, English
Ms. Jean P. Smith, Social Sciences
Mr. Richard Smith, Spanish
Ms. Virginia Smith, Latin & French
Dr. Daniel Snader, Mathematics
Ms. Miriam Snow, English
Dr. Gerald W. Snyder, Social Studies (Deceased, 2001)
Mr. Arthur Soderlind, Social Studies
Ms. Sarah Solomon, Secretarial Staff
Mr. Gary Spielmann, Assistant Principal, Social Studies
Mr. John Sturm, Science

Mr. John Tanno, Physical Education
Ms. Linda Lufkin Taylor, Secretarial Staff
Dr. Wallace W. Taylor, Social Studies
Ms. Rosemary Thomas (now Dallas) (French, 1968-1969) Dr. John Ralph Tibbetts, Guidance, Science (Deceased, 2006)
Mr. Merle Tieszan, Physical Education
Ms. Eleanor Tweedie, English (Deceased, 1992?)

Ms. Ida Waite, Assistant Principal
Ms. Brita Walker, Art (Deceased, 1987)
Mr. Robert Wallace, Driver Education
Dr. Ruth Wasley, French
Mr. Richard Weeks, English (Deceased)
Ms. Alice Weiss, Girls Physical Education, Coach
Ms. Evelyn K. Wells (Latin, French) Ms. Marjorie Wheaton (French)
Ms. Katherine E. Wheeling, English
Ms. Ida White, Maintenance
Prof. James R. White, Principal (Deceased)
Ms. Mary Jane Wilson, Latin
Rev. Thomas C. Winn, Guidance, Science (Deceased, 2003)
Dr. Ruth Woolschlager, Business
Mr. Albert Wooton, Mathematics

Mr. Mark P. Yolles, Guidance (Deceased, 2015)
Dr. Roy York, Jr., Music (Deceased)
Ms. Helen York, Music (Assistant to Dr. York)

Do these names mean anything to you? Perhaps you can tell us whether they were Milne supervisors and, if so, in what department:

Mr. Richard Wilton Montgomery
(a yearbook dedication)

Mr. John O'Donnell