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How to Become a Tutor*

The Writing Center staff comprises graduate and undergraduate students from University at Albany. Here's a look inside our hiring process for each:

Undergraduate Tutors

Each spring the English Department offers AENG 360Y: Tutoring and Writing. This course introduces undergraduate students to methods and theories of writing instruction and process, and prepares them to work as Writing Center tutors.

Undergraduates who are interested in working in the Writing Center must first complete AENG 360. Towards the end of the course Writing Center staff will distribute tutor application materials to AENG 360 students as part of our recruitment process for the following academic year. AENG 360 students who choose to apply are asked to submit a letter of intent and a writing sample at the end of the spring semester and to schedule an interview with our Assistant Directors during the last weeks of spring classes.

Hiring decisions are typically made by the end of finals week in the spring and successful applicants begin tutoring at the start of the fall semester.

Graduate Tutors

The Writing Center only employs graduate students who are funded through the Department of English at the University at Albany, with the exception of our ESL consultant, an advanced graduate student in the School of Education.


* If you are not an University at Albany undergraduate student who has completed AENG 360: Tutoring and Writing, or a graduate student funded through the University at Albany English Department, we cannot hire you as a tutor.

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