ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps)

Albany undergraduate students have the opportunity to enroll in the Army ROTC program. The ROTC office is located on Campus in the Physical Education Building, room B-69. All Army ROTC classes are conducted on campus. Upon registration for the courses (R PAD 110, 111, 210, 211, 380, 381, 480, 481), students can view the location of their classes just like any other University course. Students receive one credit each for the 100 and 200 level courses and 2 credits each for the 300 and 400 level courses.

Military Science classes provide valuable management and leadership instruction applicable in both the military and civilian environment. Leadership laboratory offers the essential elements of physical fitness in the context of dynamic and challenging leadership training activities.

Students can also enroll in the Air Force ROTC program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute through the Hudson-Mohawk Association of Colleges and Universities’ Cross-Registration Program. Students should contact the Air Force military science department at RPI for precise information regarding course content, sequencing, and summer expectations. The procedure for obtaining University approval for enrollment in Air Force ROTC courses is the same as for any other cross-registration enrollment except that a faculty adviser’s approval is not required for an ROTC course. No more than a total of 12 ROTC credits may be counted toward a student’s graduation.