Past Issues


Social Media Mavens

Fall 2015: Social Media Mavens

By using social media to connect with current and prospective customers, UAlbany alumni build brand loyalty while advertising their companies' products and services.


Intrepid Entrepreneur Jonathan Rochelle

Spring 2015: Women of Influence

University at Albany graduates are highly respected for their professional expertise, their civic awareness and their commitment to making the world a better place. In this issue, we highlight some alumnae whose accomplishments inspire and epitomize the true spirit of UAlbany.


Intrepid Entrepreneur Jonathan Rochelle

Fall 2014: Thirty Under 30

They’re well educated. They’re original. They’re young. And they’re all University at Albany alumni and students! In this issue, we proudly present UAlbany magazine’s version of “Thirty Under 30,” a salute to some younger alumni – and future alumni – who have already accomplished great things.

Intrepid Entrepreneur Jonathan Rochelle

Spring 2014: Intrepid Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship isn't for the faint of heart. Starting a business takes ambition, hard work, sacrafice - and sometime, a willingness to accept failure and redirect one's goals. In this issue of UAlbany, alumni business owners explain how they came to embrace their inner entrepreneurs.


The Value of Higher Education

Fall 2013: The Value of Higher Education

UAlbany President Robert J. Jones joins four other college and university presidents and a school district superintendent - all UAlbany alumni - to discuss the importance of higher education.


President Robert J. Jones

Spring 2013: His Road to UAlbany

From his roots as the son of Georgia sharecroppers to academe and the world stage, Robert J. Jones, Ph.D., has journeyed a long and inspiring road to his current rolse as the University at Albany's 19th president.


Neil Capolongo - The Doctor Is In

Fall 2012: The Doctor Is In

In this issue, UAlbany "examines" the careers of orthodontist Neil Capolongo, D.D.S., B.S.'85, and other alumni in the healthcare professions.



Ivan Bart - "In the Fashion Space"

Spring 2012: Fashion Forward

The Spring 2012 collection - of UAlbany alumni in the world of fashion, that is! - includes a veritable galaxy of superstar stylists, designers, retailers and other luminaries.


Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien

Fall 2011: What's Cookin'?

Alumni chefs, television hosts, cookbook authors, restauranteurs and other food-industry professionals share their fascinating success stories - and a few of their favorite recipes!


Freelance photographer, Teru Kuwayama

Spring 2011: Activist With a Camera

Freelance photographer Teru Kuwayama, B.A.'93, whose award-winning pictures document history in the making in Afghanistan, Iraq and other international hot spots, sees himself as "more of an activist" than a journalist.


Frankie Bailey, a women of mystery - and non-fiction too.

Fall 2010: Author, Author!

As historians, biographers, novelists, humorists and creators of children's literature, UAlbany's alumni authors have the "write" stuff.



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Christina Hansen, Influencing Public Health Policy

Spring 2010: Dr. Axelrod's Vision

UAlbany's School of Public Health observes the 25th anniversary of its founding by continuing to prepare students to address health challenges in New York - and throughout the world.


George Philip, 18th president of UAlbany

Fall 2009: Full Circle

George M. Philip, B.A. '69, M.A. '73, has been strongly committed to UAlbany - and to public higher education - for more than 40 years. As the University's recently appointed 18th president, he'll continue to advocate for both.


Social welfare major, Bethani Gately volunteers with the Boys & Girls Club

Spring 2009: Helping Hands

Alumni, students and faculty share UAlbany's commitment to service by doing good works for their neighbors in the Capital Region, throughout New York State and around the world.


Bringing "The World Within Reach"

Fall 2008: Bringing "The World Within Reach"

Through innovative academic and research programs, UAlbany brings the world to your doorstep.


Carolee Carmello in Mama Mia!

Winter 2008: That's Entertainment

This issue, we're starstruck as we spotlight UAlbany alumni in the entertainment business, including Carolee Carmello, B.S. '83, of Mama Mia! fame.


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