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Bahá’ís a belief that there is one God, that all humanity is one family, and that there is a fundamental unity underlying religion. They recognize that the coming of Bahá'u'lláh has opened the age for the establishment of world peace, when, as anticipated in the sacred scriptures of the past, all humanity will achieve its spiritual and social maturity, and live as one united family in a just, global society. The Bahá’í Faith brings new social principles appropriate to the needs of a global society, such as the oneness of mankind, the equality of rights and opportunities for men and women, the abolition of all forms of prejudice, the essential harmony of science and religion, universal education, the need for a universal auxiliary language, and the elimination of extremes of poverty and wealth.

For more information, please visit:

Bahai Reading Room
138 Jay Street
Schenectady, NY 12305 
Phone: (518) 382-2424


Siddhartha Gautama, who came to be known as Buddha, lived 2,500 years ago in India. He was devoted to finding enlightenment. The Buddha has come to be known as one who embodies perfect wisdom and compassion. Primary text is the Tripitaka or Three Baskets. Teachings of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path center on constant change, the need to eliminate selfish desires, and right ways to live. Shrines, temples and monasteries are for meditation, discussion and retreat.

For more info, please visit:

Albany Shambhala Meditation Center
879 Madison Ave.
Albany, NY 12208

Tibetan Buddhist Study + Meditation Center
1270 Rufner Rd.
Niskayuna, NY 12309
E-Mail: info@albanyktc.org
Website: www.albanyktc.org


Catholicism is the faith, doctrine, system, and practice of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is a Christian denomination largely centered around the doctrine that God's grace is conveyed through seven sacraments, but especially through the sacrament of Eucharist (communion) celebrated at Mass. The other six sacraments are Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Holy orders, Matrimony, and Anointing of the Sick. Catholicism traces its origin back to Jesus and his Apostles, which is the basis for its episcopal hierarchy. It is led by the Pope who is based in the Vatican in Rome.

Mass Times at All Saints Catholic Church – walking distance from campus – next to the CVS on the corner of Western
Mass:  Saturday 4:00 pm   (reconciliation from 3:00 – 3:30pm)  Sunday   8:00 am & 10:30 am                                
Mass Times at St. Vincent de Paul   - near Alumni Quad -- 900 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12208
Mass:  Saturday  5:00 p.m. Sunday  8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Mass Times at the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Americas (multi-cultural parish, and offers Masses in both English and Spanish)
283 Central Ave Albany, New York 12206  -- Take the #12 bus to Washington and N Lake stop, then walk 3 blocks north to the church on Central and N Lake.
Mass: Sunday  9:30 a.m.  (English)  and 12 Noon (Español)


The many spiritual traditions of India arising over some 3000 years came to be known as Hinduism. Sacred scriptures include the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Bagavad-Gita. They describe the cycles of life and the meaning of existence. Numerous gods and goddesses express human dramas common to all. Temples are places for prayers, offerings, singing and teaching. Families and individuals observe rituals and festivals at home as well. Calendar dates for sacred times are determined by both solar and lunar computations. Dates also vary by region and sub-group.

For more info, please visit:

Albany Hindu Temple
450 Shaker Rd
Loudonville, NY 12211
Phone: (518) 459-7272
Fax: (518) 514-1214 
Website: www.albanyhindutemple.org


Abraham, about 4000 years ago, entered into an agreement with the one supreme deity. The Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures, presents a written account of the people of Israel as they responded to the call of the deity toward worldwide peace and justice. "Hope for redemption of the world" is a central vision. The family is focal point for religious observances, education, and identity. The Sabbath begins on Friday sundown and continues to Saturday sundown and is observed by worship at the synagogue and family events.

For more info, please visit:

Jewish Houses of Worship:

Reform Congregations:

B'nai Sholom Reform Congregation
420 Whitehall Rd. Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518-482-5283 Fax: 518-489-6353 
Email: office@bnaisholom.albany.ny.us
Contact: Rabbi Donald P. Cashman

Congregation Berith Sholom
167 Third St. Troy, NY 12180 
Phone: 518-272-8872 Fax: 518-272-8984 
E-mail: bsholom@juno.com
Website: www.timesunion.com/communities/cbs
Contact: Rabbi Debora Gordon

Congregation Beth Emeth
100 Academy Rd. Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518-436-9761 Fax: 518-436-0476 
E-mail: cbemeth@aol.com
Website: www.BethEmethAlbany.org
Contact: Rabbi Scott Shpeen, Rabbi Jonathan Roos

Conservative Congregations:

Congregation Ohav Shalom
113 New Krumkill Rd. Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518-489-4706 Fax: 518-489-5094 
E-mail: ohavliz@aol.com
Website: www.ohavshalom.com
Contact: Liz Gellis, Executive Director

Temple Beth El
411 Hoosick Street Troy, NY 12180 
Phone: 518-272-6113 Fax: 518-272-6151 
Website: http://phil.jtsa.edu/synagogues/betroy/
Contact: Rabbi Aryeh Wineman

Temple Israel
600 New Scotland Ave. Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518-438-7858 Fax: 518-482-5762 
E-mail: tiexec@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.TempleIsraelAlbany.org
Contact: Gene Tarler, Executive Director 

Orthodox Congregations:

Congregation Beth Abraham-Jacob
380 Whitehall Rd. Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518-489-5819 Fax: 518-489-5179 
Website: www.cbaj-albany.org
Contact: Rabbi Moshe Bomzer

Shomray Torah
463 New Scotland Ave. Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518-482-5781 
Contact: Rabbi Israel Rubin

Congregation Beth Tephilah
82 River Street, P.O. Box 244 
Troy, NY 12181 
Phone: 518-272-3182 
Contact: Rabbi Avraham Laber

Chabad Centers:

Shabbos House 
316 Fuller Road
Albany, NY 12203
Facebook: Shabbos House


Muhammad, about 1,400 years ago, received the sacred words of the deity . The Qur'an, given to Muhammad by the deity through the Archangel Jibraeel, gives instruction for a complete way of life that is the will of the deity and is to ultimately involve all people on earth. "Submission to Allah" is a central vision. Observance of witness, prayer, almsgiving, fasting and pilgrimage are focal points for Islam and the individual Muslim. Friday is the day for meeting at the mosque for assembly prayers and sermons.

For more info, please visit:

Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Albany
10 s. Family Dr.
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 869-149
Website: www.alfatemahic.com/
E-Mail: mail@alfatemahic

Islamic Center of the Capital District
21 lansing Rd North
Schenectady, NY 12304
Phone: (518)370-2664
Fax: (518)370-2686
Website: www.iccdny.org
E-Mail: director@iccdny.org

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
941 River Rd.
Rotterdam, NY 12306 
(518) 887-2859
Website: www.alislam.org


Christianity: Jesus Christ, about 2000 years ago, presented the human face of the deity. The Bible, a combination of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, tells the story of the deity who enters into the lives of people to lead them to responsibility and eternal reality. "Jesus Christ - Lord of all life" is a central vision. The congregation is a focal point for community life, worship, and identity. Sunday is the day for worship and sacred observance at churches and other meeting places in most Christian groups.

Off-campus Congregations And Worship Information
Short list of congregations that are easy to get to via walking/bus:
·       First Lutheran Church
·       St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
·       Christ Lutheran Church
·       McKownville United Methodist Church
·       New Covenant Presbyterian Church
·       First Congregational Church, UCC