Wednesday, September 17, 2003
CC - Terrace Lounge
9:30 - 11:30

The Council on Research meeting was called to order at 9:40 am by Lynn Videka, Chair.

Members present:

D. Biggs, R. Biswas, E. Briére, N. Carroll, J. Castracane, B. Dudek, J. Gangolly, M. Jerison, M. Krohn, J. Mumpower, K. Rethemeyer, J. Rudolph, S. Saleh, L. Schell, M. Stessin, J. Welch, and J. Bogan (recorder)

Also attending:

Kathy Lowery, Vice President for Finance & Business and Operations Manager for the
Research Foundation and Kevin Wilcox, Deputy Controller

The Chair, Lynn Videka, opened the meeting by welcoming new members.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the May 21st meeting were reviewed and approved.

Remarks - Jeryl L. Mumpower, Interim Vice President for Research
Dr. Mumpower reviewed some of the Division for Research's goals and initiatives for the 2003-04 academic year, particularly those that may impact Council on Research:

1. Staffing - current vacant positions are Director of Office for Sponsored Programs and Compliance Officer
1. Reinvigorate the Research Liaison Committee
2. Incorporate federal changes in the Misconduct Policy; meanwhile, we follow the framework that was
passed by Senate.
3. Improve oversight mechanism for IRB as it relates to Council on Research. The IRB group has and
continues to have a certain amount of autonomy, but it should not be divorced from governance.
4 Support HIPAA compliance efforts (greater implications for Research Foundation than health care)
5. Re-assess policies regarding Indirect Cost Return Allocation, e.g., current rate; distribution of allocation among Deans, Chairs and Center Directors
6. Review both financial and intellectual investments
7. Review research information systems for Deans, Department Chairpersons, other faculty and
administrative staff.
Oracle Update
Kathy Lowery and Kevin Wilcox gave an overview of the status of the Oracle system. Improvements continue to be made. The system performance, payroll, and system down time have all been stabilized; however, there are two major problems that persist: customized encumbering function and PI award information interface. Both features should be fixed by early spring.

The Office for Sponsored Funds Analysis (OFSA) was created to address PIs concerns related to obtaining accurate balances. Members were advised to contact OSFA to obtain balances.

The next release of Oracle is coming up in about two years.

ACTION ITEM: It was suggested that COR invite Chris Haile back for an update to her May 2002 presentation to Council on research computing.

Research Liaison Committee
ACTION ITEM: The Vice President and Council Chair will work together to appoint a committee consisting of PIs, administrative staff and COR members.

FRAP Evaluation
Bruce Dudek distributed two versions of a survey: Version # 1 for those who have received FRAP and Version # 2 for those who applied and were denied.

ACTION ITEM: The Office of the Vice President for Research/Office for Sponsored Programs will provide the names of applicants awarded, years received, type of award, and dollar amount of award for survey version # 1, and for survey version # 2, the name of the applicant, years of FRAP application, type of award for which the applicant applied, and the dollar amount of the award.

ACTION ITEM: Members were asked to review the draft survey and submit comments to Bruce Dudek no later than Friday, September 19, 2003. The subcommittee will work with the Office of the Vice President/ Office for Sponsored Programs to obtain the information needed, and then send the survey with a cover letter or e-mail message.

Center/Institute Evaluation
Interim Vice President Mumpower noted the necessity of reviewing procedures for evaluating centers/insititutes, (to include sunset clauses for investments in centers/institutes), especially in light of Middle States impending visit during which they will focus on the status of the University's assessment procedures. It was noted that perhaps a small group should be formulated to coordinate center/institute evaluation with that of EPC's interest in center/institute activities.

In response to questions regarding the Council's involvement in University-wide review of research (not just centers/institutes), the Chair suggested that perhaps COR should review its mission and core responsibility and determine if and how the Council can be useful in expanding the University's research mission.

Excellence Awards
Bruce Dudek gave background information on the Excellence Awards, and reported that four faculty were recommended for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research. Interim Vice President Mumpower noted that the four faculty have been notified about the recognition dinner to be held on October 20, 2003.

Life Sciences Research Building (LSRB)
A letter from select faculty regarding the LSRB facility was reviewed. The Chair felt that while it is positive for COR to be informed of researchers' concerns, the building is in the administration of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Council agreed that the concerns would be more appropriately addressed via the Department Representative on the Life Sciences Advisory Committee and/or the Department Chairperson.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40

Submitted by:
Janice E. Bogan
Assistant to the Vice President for Research