University Senate
Council on Research

Report to the Senate
October 27, 2003

The Council had its first two meetings on Sept. 22, and October 22, 2003. In addition to orienting new members and setting the agenda for the year, the Council heard reports from Interim Vice President Mumpower and Vice President Kathryn Lowery (regarding OASIS/ORACLE)
In addition to the ongoing agenda for the Council, 2 special new initiatives are being implemented.

1. The Research Liaison Subcommittee, whose charge is to consider ways to improve campus procedures related to grants management, has been created. Members include:

John Welch, Committee Chair, Council on Research & Chemistry Department
L. Donovan, Office for Sponsored Programs
Darri Scalzo, Office of Sponsored Funds Accounting
Janice Kehn, Purchasing
Nan Carroll, Council on Research & Center for Legislative Development
Shadi Saleh, Council on Research & Health Policy
Gene Schuler, Technology Development
Janet Perloff, School of Social Welfare
Donna Scanlon, Reading
David Strogatz, Epidemiology
Gary Kleppel, Biological Sciences

Jim Jaccard, Psychology & School of Social Welfare
Judith Langer, Educational Theory
Richard Cunningham, Biological Science & Center for Functional Genomics

2. Discussion of the proposed by-laws section on the Council's charge and structures. Revisions were suggested to the By-Laws subcommittee. These are reflected in the version of the bylaws distributed for today's meeting.

3. A review and creation of procedures for the COR to assist the VP for Research in creating and overseeing policy for the Institutional Review Board. The Chair has had a planning meeting with the VP for Research. A subcommittee will be formed.

4. Evaluation of the FRAP Program is under way.

5. A Research Infrastructure Committee has been created. Professor Larry Schell will chair it.

6. The Council has begun to organize ad hoc review subcommittees for the Benevolent, FRAP and Conference/Journal Award programs. Faculty members from across the University will be invited to participate. Please forward nominations to Lynn Videka or Janice Bogan.

7. Faculty concerns about the Life Sciences Building were raised. These were directed to the Dean of Arts and Sciences, whose office is responsible for building planning and management.

The next COR meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2003.