November 4, 2002

Present: D. Armstrong, D. Bernnard, D. Biggs, P. Bloniarz, H. Charalambous, N. Claiborne, R. Collier, D. Dewar, J. Doellefeld, P. Duchessi, B. Dudek, S. Faerman, M. Fasco, J. Favata, S. Friedman, R. Gibson, K. Hitchcock, H. Horton, J. Horney, R. Hoyt, S. B. Kim, C. Lawson, S. Levine, S. Lubensky, A. Lyons, C. MacDonald, S. Maloney, D. McCaffrey, R. McFarland, J. McNamara, C. Pearce, J. Pipkin, M. Pryse, M. Range, K. Rethemeyer, C. Santiago, H. Scheck, L. Schell, K. Smith, L. Snyder, E. Turner, E. Wulfert

Guests: S. Coon, R. Farrell, B. Levine, J. Mumpower

Chair Pipkin called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes
Chair Pipkin apologized for the lateness in distributing the Minutes for September 30. He asked the Senators if they would like to review the minutes now or defer them until New Business. It was decided to review them now.

On page 3, Chair Pipkin stated that another item be added to read: "i. Professor C. MacDonald reported for the group revising the By-Laws."

On page 4, the last paragraph should read: "Professor Armstrong stated that as a new senator she did not have the benefit of last year's discussions. She spoke about the importance of relationships based on mutual trust and responsibility and the relevance of the background information."

There being no further corrections, the September 30 Senate Minutes were approved as amended.

2. President's Report
President Hitchcock reported on the day-long celebration for the Arts and Sciences. She thanked Chair Pipkin for his contribution to one of the events.

The President reported that there is no new budget information. She said that faculty hiring will continue to be a high priority next year. She reported on her recent meeting with the deans.

In April there will be an announcement about a major Capital Campaign, the President said. The working title for the Campaign is Seize the Future. There are three major areas to the Campaign: endowed chairs, endowed scholarships, and funds for facilities. On November 15-17,there will be a Leadership Retreat on campus. The President will meet with major donors who will help with the Capital Campaign. She asked the Senate to participate in the Campaign.

The President said that, for the 2002 fiscal year, external sponsored research increased 10 percent over previous years and that expenditures in grants have also increased. The University was competitive for external funding across all the disciplines.

3. University Faculty Senate Report
Mr. Collier noted that a written summary of the University Faculty Senate Meeting is on the information table. He reviewed the activities from the previous meeting. He noted that Trustee Randy Daniels was in attendance and spoke on behalf of the Trustees.

4. Chair's Report
Chair Pipkin noted that there will be a Faculty Forum in November, entitled "Faculty and the Senate: Encouraging Responsive and Responsible Governance." All voting faculty will be invited.

Chair Pipkin wished Ms. Cicero luck in her retirement, which was warmly seconded by the other Senators. He and Professor Wulfert have been consulting the President and the Provost about a replacement for Ms. Cicero. Chair Pipkin invited the Senators to the reception for Ms. Cicero.

5. Council Reports
a. CPCA: There was nothing to report.
b. EPC: Professor Wulfert reported that Dean Kaloyeros and Dean Wick-Pelletier were invited to the last meeting. EPC members had a good discussion and received information on the educational assessment of the School of Nanosciences. A suggestion was made to have an open forum on what activities the University's research centers are engaged in.
c. GAC: Professor MacDonald noted that GAC would review the graduate curriculum from the School of Nanosciences. Professor Kaloyeros presented the academic plan at the last meeting. Science departments expressed their comments about the curriculum and presented proposed modifications to GAC for its consideration. It will meet again before the next Executive Committee meeting.
d. UAC: Professor Hoyt reported that UAC is meeting almost weekly. There is an item under New Business. UAC discussed a proposal to improve the academic climate at the University. UAC believes this is an issue for Admissions. UAC continued its discussion on a grievance procedure. This procedure was also sent to GAC so that grievance procedures will be consistent for both undergraduate and graduate students. It was suggested that UAC consult legal counsel on this issue. UAC also discussed the SUNY assessment criteria; the assessment proposals currently being approved emanate from the community colleges, he said.
e. RES: RES is working with Interim Vice President Bloniarz and Dr. Richard Farrell to nominate candidates for new SUNY-wide awards, said Professor Dudek. RES has distributed an announcement regarding submission of proposals for FRAP awards. There will only be one round of awards this year. RES continues its efforts to evaluate the process for FRAP awards.
f. LISC: Professor Duchessi reported that Dean Butler and Ms. Carroll are the chairs of LISC's two committees. Two issues were brought up at the last meeting: first, electronic publications and electronic repository, and, secondly, the review of content of personal home web pages.
g. CAFE: Professor Armstrong reported that no cases or issues have been brought before CAFÉ.
h. ULC: Professor Lyons reported for Professor Smith. ULC will meet on November 12.
i. Professor Dudek reported that the By-Laws group has been meeting bi-weekly and will continue to meet. There may be a draft available for review by this semester's end.

6. Old Business
There was no Old Business.

7. New Business
a. Chair Pipkin reported that he received the names of three new Senators. He asked for Senate approval for their Council assignments. It was moved, seconded and approved to deploy them on appropriate Councils.
b. Senate Bill No. 0203-02: Changes in the Actuarial Program. Professor Hoyt noted that this Bill conforms to what the department has been doing programmatically and that it conforms to industry standards required of actuaries in the profession. Professor Range stated that this proposed revision is prompted by the changes in the exams of the professional societies. It was moved, seconded and approved.

Professor Wulfert reported on the Committee on Academic Integrity. The Committee has finalized a draft, which has been reviewed by legal counsel. The Committee hopes to present the draft to the Senate soon.

8. Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Hayward D. Horton