October 29, 2001

Present: J. Bartow, D. Biggs, C. Carr, H. Charalambous, S. Coon, K. Douglass, P. Duchessi, B. Dudek, P. Eppard, S. Faerman, M. Gallant, H. Ghiradella, R. Gibson, F. Hauser, K. Hitchcock, R. Hoyt, R. Irving, B. Levine, S. Levine, A. Linken, S. Lubensky, C. MacDonald, D. McCaffrey, C. Pearce, J. Pipkin, J. Place, C. Santiago, L. Schell, D. Shub, R. Toseland, E. Turner, J. Uppal, S. Webber, L. Williams, E. Wulfert

Guests: R. Farrell

The meeting was called to order by Chair Wulfert at 3:36 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes
On page 2, under Chair's Report, the second paragraph, the sentence should read: "Professor McCaffrey wrote a comprehensive report for the 2000-01 University Senate, said Chair Wulfert, and it can be found on the Senate web site." On page 3, under New Business, b., change the word "previously" to "previous". There being no further corrections, the October 1 University Senate minutes were approved as amended.

2. President's Report
President Hitchcock thanked everyone for their support to students, faculty and staff after the event of September 11. She noted that there is a web site concerning these events.

The President announced that overall undergraduate and graduate enrollment is up.

New York State will have a $3-9 billion deficit, announced the President. The Governor has requested $54 billion from the federal government. It is not certain if the State will receive this amount. Negotiated salary increases were included in the 2000-01 budget, President Hitchcock said. There has been an increase of 62 percent in utilities over the past two years. No supplemental budget has been approved for this year. The Governor and Legislature are now planning for the 2002-03 budget year. The Budget Director asks that the 2002-03 SUNY budget be no more than this year. The University must look at the strategic plan and focus on areas that must receive investment.

This year brought an all time high for total giving of private resources, said the President, and the Annual fund is also up. Research funds have increased. Faculty hires is a priority.

Turning to the hiring freeze, the President said that institutionally we are looking at a freeze on certain positions. Provost Santiago noted there is a hard freeze on non-academic positions on campus, but approval has been given for some positions.

The President will review the University's priorities at the Faculty Meeting on Wednesday.

President Hitchcock noted that the University at Albany is one of the "hot" schools on the Wall Street Journal list.

3. University Faculty Senate Report
Professor Turner reported that the University Faculty Senate web page is up and running. He reported on the Fredonia meeting. Bills were voted down or sent back to committee. One theme of the meeting was general assessment. A paper on guidelines for undergraduate programs was approved. The group also discussed the Issue of transfer students from community colleges to 4-year institutions. He noted that salary increases will be included in 2001-02 budget and there was support for a predictable tuition increase.

4. Chair's Report
Chair Wulfert noted that the President approved Senate Bill 0102-01: Proposal to Change Graduate Academic Policy Pertaining to Leave of Absence from a Doctoral Program.

The Faculty Forum will be held on Tuesday, November 13, at Noon, in CC 375, announced Chair Wulfert. Professor Pipkin reported that four topics were discussed at the Executive Committee meeting and the members decided on the quality of the student experience and making the minor optional.

5. Council Reports
a. CPCA: Professor Toseland reported that CPCA had set up its meeting schedule for the semester.
b. EPC: Professor McCaffrey reported on a presentation by Institutional Research on the Spring 2000 student survey. A previous retention report was briefly discussed.
c. GAC: Professor MacDonald reported that the committees are meeting.
d. UAC: Professor Dalton reported that the committees are meeting. There is an item under New Business. UAC passed a bill on the revision of the residency requirement for students who study abroad. UAC also discussed a V grade policy.
e. RES: Professor Dudek reported that the Council is reviewing internal funding methods. One of the committees is looking at the function of research centers on campus. There are approximately 52 research centers or institutes on campus; nine are defunct and several have declined to respond to inquiries. The other committee is working on evaluating the FRAP award process.
f. LISC: There was no report.
g. CAFÉ: Ms. Place had nothing to report.
h. ULC: Dr. Carr reported that ULC is looking at issues relating to the community and the university.

6. Old Business
There is no Old Business.

7. New Business
a. University Senate Council Membership Changes. Professor Dalton noted that Professor Daims would not be able to serve on UAC. She has asked the Chair of English to replace her. The remaining Council changes were moved, seconded and approved.
b. Senate Bill No. 0102-02: Revision of the Undergraduate "New General Education Program" Implementation Dates for Transfers. Professor Dalton noted that there was an error on cover page, it should read Fall 2000 not Fall 2002. The bill has been created so that transfers, who have matriculated at a previous institution before Fall 2000 when the new general education program was approved, will be allowed to meet the 1992 general education requirements whenever they arrive at Albany. The DARS forms will list the new general education requirements but will state that there is a pre-2000 waiver.

Professor MacDonald noted there was a question at the Executive Committee meeting about making it the student's choice. If they matriculated before 2000, said Professor Dalton, they will not be under the new plan. Dean Faerman noted that the new program is more rigorous and requires separate humanities and social sciences courses. If students want to take the extra courses as electives, that is not a problem. If the students want to follow the new general education program, the DARS form would state that the students fulfilled all of the requirements.

There being no further discussion, the Senate Bill was approved.

8. Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lillian S. Williams