September 10, 2001

Present: S. Doellefeld, B. Dudek, K. Hitchcock, C. MacDonald, D. McCaffrey, J. Place, J. Pipkin, R. Toseland, E. Turner, L. Williams, E. Wulfert

Guests: J. Bartow, R. Farrell, R. McFarland, C. Santiago

Chair Wulfert called the meeting to order at 3:34 p.m. She welcomed everyone to the 2001-02 University Senate Executive Committee.

1. Approval of Minutes
On page 2, Council Reports, UAC, add "under certain circumstances." at the end of the sentence. On page 4, delete the first sentence in the first full paragraph.

There being no further changes, the April 23, 2001, Executive Committee minutes were approved as amended with one abstention.

2. President's Report
Provost Santiago reported for President Hitchcock. There is a tax on academic units and support units to recoup funds to defray utility costs. The University has been trying to obtain relief from the State on these costs.

The University has consciously reduced its enrollment targets. This will leave us in a better position for the future, said the Provost. The quality of the undergraduate enrollment is good. Graduate enrollment has increased from last year and additional funding for student stipends has been received.

The University welcomes 39 new faculty to campus. Our net faculty growth is still smaller than what we like. There is a possibility of hiring faculty as clusters.

Provost Santiago announced that buildings and construction have become a priority. A proposal has been submitted for $350 million for renovations and new buildings.

Provost Santiago announced that the Life Science Building groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow. The University is seeking external funding for urban engagement. The Provost announced two new additions: Ms. Christine Haile, Interim Chief Information Officer, and Dr. Peter Levin, Dean for the School of Pubic Health.

The Search Firm will meet with the Search Committee for the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The plan is to finalize the search by January 2002.

Professor Dudek asked for an update on the Harriman Campus. The Chancellor and the former OGS Commissioner are supportive of the University's request for space, the Provost said. The east side of that campus should be part of the University as it is a clear extension of our campus. The University would like to acquire the 75 acres closest to our campus.

3. University Faculty Senate Report
Professor Pipkin announced that the first planning meeting is scheduled in October in Fredonia. President Joe Hildreth has distributed a theme for the year. The Faculty Senate will try to become more electronically assessable.

4. Chair's Report
There are two University Senate representatives on URPAC, announced Chair Wulfert. She has appointed Professor Dudek as the Executive Committee representative and Professor McCaffrey as the EPC representative.

Past Senate Chair McCaffrey's Senate Report for 2000-01 will be available on the new Senate web page. Chair Wulfert worked over the summer with Ms. McAuliff on designing a new Senate web page. The University community will be able to access this site to view Senate business such as Senate and Council agenda and minutes.

Professor Dudek expressed concern about posting minutes on the site. Members discussed the differences between a PDF file, a word processing document and a text file. It was suggested that a few people meet with Ms. McAuliff to determine the best type of file to use for posting the minutes.

Chair Wulfert asked for topic suggestions for the Faculty Forum on October 31.

5. Council Reports
a. CPCA: Professor Toseland reported that CPCA has not yet met.
b. EPC: Professor McCaffrey reported that meetings have been set.
c. GAC: Professor MacDonald reported that GAC has not yet met.
d. UAC: There was no report.
e. RES: Professor Dudek reported that RES would meet in October. A small work group met over the summer concerning the FRAP awards.
f. LISC: Dr. Doellefeld reported that LISC has not yet met. The committees met during the summer.
g. CAFÉ: Ms. Place had a meeting with last year's chair and obtained CAFÉ's operating procedures.
h. ULC: There was no report.

6. Old Business
There was no Old Business.

Last year there was a question about the ethical part of ROTC. Who would handle that? It was noted that the first and second year courses are open to everyone while the third and fourth year courses are restricted. CAFÉ should handle the ethical question while ULC should handle the quality of life issues.

7. New Business
a. University Senate Council Membership Changes. It was announced that Ms. Christine Haile, Interim Chief Information Officer, would replace Dr. Mumpower on LISC. The membership changes were moved, seconded and approved to forward to Senate.
b. Proposed Senate Bill: Proposal to Change Graduate Academic Policy Pertaining to Leave of Absence from a Doctoral Program. Mr. Bartow explained that it is a minor change in policy. Students can petition the Graduate Office for exception. The proposed bill was moved, seconded and approved to forward to Senate.

8. Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lillian S. Williams