University Senate Executive Committee Meeting
March 29, 2004

Present: D. Armstrong, H. Charalambous, R. Collier, A. Lyons, C. MacDonald,
J. Mumpower (for C. Santiago), J. Pipkin, M. Pryse, J. Savitt, G. Spitze,
L. Videka, D. Wagner, E. Wulfert

President’s report: Presented by Interim President John R. Ryan.

University Faculty Senate Report: Presented by Senator Collier. No report.

Chair’s Report: Presented by Chair Pryse.

CPCA – Professor Glenna Spitze, Chair: no report.
ULC – Professor Gwendolyn Moore, Chair. ULC will bring a bill on Muslim Holidays to the Senate. ULC is also working on a bill regarding pedestrian safety on campus.

EPC – Professor Edelgard Wulfert, Chair. EPC discussed the status of the proposed College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. The Provost must make a recommendation to the President regarding the college and has asked EPC to work expeditiously if it wants to provide input. EPC discussed the issues at length, but the membership felt it needed more information than it had been provided. Thus, it was moved for the Senate Chair and the EPC Chair to meet with President Ryan and Provost Santiago to learn more about the college and report back to EPC.

Professor Lyons asked Professor Wulfert about the academic calendar regarding the March 2005 spring break. She is concerned with Passover since it will be a month away from Easter next year and that will affect the calendar. Professor Wulfert will contact Registrar Robert Gibson on the issue.

CERS – Professor Edelgard Wulfert, Chair. A meeting has been scheduled for the coming week and she has received material from Interim Vice President Mumpower regarding the inquiry Professor Pryse spoke about earlier in the Chair’s Report.

LISC – David Wagner, Chair. Guest speaker Chief Information Officer Christine Haile spoke about a new IT policy review process. From the CIO’s perspective, it is important to have an IT policy to comply with external regulating, information security and privacy. CIO Haile proposed that UAlbany sets up a more formalized process, i.e., a policy review board that would advise the CIO’s office. She asked the Chair of the Senate to nominate some members to the policy review board, possibly members of LISC. She would like to convene the initial membership by the end of the semester to work over the summer. It was agreed upon to nominate two LISC representatives to the IT Policy Review Board yearly.

Guest speaker Dean of University Libraries, Meridith Butler addressed the Elsevier issue. A resolution has been developed and will be brought to the next Senate meeting for discussion.

GAC – Professor Hara Charalambous, Chair. GAC has three bills to bring to the Senate:

Provost Santiago asked that the change in the final authority pertaining to graduate courses be tabled until the deans can review it and provide input as they may have some concerns.

GAC will also consider discontinuation of DA program, which has been considered and approved by EPC.

UAC – Professor Joan Savitt, Chair. UAC is discussing transfer credit and what can be allowed as transfer credit. UAC has also reviewed the faculty senate proposal from Senator Collier. UAC will not support it; it is against any system-wide assessment.

RES – Professor Lynn Videka, Chair.

CAFE - Professor Donna Armstrong, Chair. CAFE may possibly have a bill on the Patriot Act for the last Senate meeting of the year. The campus policy on freedom of expression and the newspaper distribution bill may be ready for next Senate meeting.

Governance Committee – Andi Lyons. The ballots for professional full-time and part-time Senate seats will be mailed out tomorrow. There will be a bill brought to the Senate on providing official support staff for councils, and the Governance Subcommittee bill will go to the next Senate meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jayne VanDenburgh