University at Albany

State University of New York


2004-05 University Senate

Monday, October 25, 2004



1.  Approval of Minutes of October 4, 2004


2.  President’s Report


3.  University Faculty Senate Report


4.  Chair’s Report


5.  Council Reports

          a. GOV, Steven Messner

          b.  UPC, Marjorie Pryse 

          c. UAC, Seth Chaiken

          d. GAC, Louise-Anne McNutt

          e. CAA, Malcolm Sherman

          f.   COR, Vince Idone    

          g.  CPCA, Diane Dewar

          h. LISC, David Wagner 

          i.   ULC, Gwendolyn Moore


6. Committee Reports

          a. CAFECOR, Lawrence Snyder

          b. CERS, R. Michael Range    

          c. Ad hoc University-wide Governance, James Acker


7.  New Business


     Bill 0405-1        UPC Charter change

     Bill 0405-2        [for circulation only]: Misconduct Policy

     Bill 0405-3        UAC Charter change

     Bill 0405-4        UAC – Elimination of the Pre-“Fall 2000” General Education Program                             


8. Adjournment