Council on Research Meeting

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

9:30 – 11:30 CC – Terrace Lounge


Carolyn MacDonald convened the meeting at 9:35. Members present: E. Brière, N. Carroll, J. Castracane,I. Davidson, E. Dorch, C. Frye,V. Idone, D. Lewis, R. Perez, R. Sanders, L. Schell, M. Stessin, Lynn Videka, and S. Wood.

Election of Chair

Carolyn MacDonald reported that because of Lynn Videka’s new role as Interim Vice President for Research, the Council needs to elect a new chair. She noted that Vince Idone was nominated prior to the meeting, so she opened the floor for other nominations. No other recommendations were brought forth.

Council unanimously elected Vince Idone as Chair of the Council.

Approval of May 19 Minutes

Minutes approved. However, Larry Schell questioned the percent of ICR quoted by the then Interim Vice President, Jeryl Mumpower as 20% when in fact the committee recommended a 16% increase. Janice will confirm the statement and report back to Council.

Vice President for Research Report – Lynn Videka

Interim Vice President for Research, Lynn Videka reported the following:

1. Lynn is requesting comments regarding the Mission Review - II. The

document, which can be accessed via My UAlbany, will be on the November

meeting agenda for discussion.

2. Growth in UAlbany’s research enterprise

a. The Northeast Regional Forensic Institute, is now a recognized center

on campus because of special funding received from the National Institute

for Justice. Larry Schell is Interim Director.

b. Recommendations from 2003-04 subcommittees

IRB Policy Review Committee - Lynn announced that Cheryl Savini

Compliance Adm Assistant, left the University to take a position at

University of Miami. A search is now in progress for a replacement.

Approval has also been obtained for a new position.

c. FRAP Evaluation Committee - the total pool of FRAP has been increased

from $170,000 to $200,000; special bridge funding opportunities are now

available; and the reporting requirement for FRAP has been strengthened.

d. Lynn reported that she will continue the review of the recommendations and

report back to Council periodically.

3. Research Division Goals for 2004-05

a. Increase federal funding

b. Increase life science research development with emphasis on

interdisciplinary collaborations and involvement of other groups such

as Wadsworth and Ordway.

c. Request that the Committee on Centers, Institutes and Specialized

Research Laboratories begin implementation of the

evaluation/assessment procedures for centers/institutes, and

coordinate efforts with the University’s assessment committee.

Theresa Walker, Assistant Vice President for Research, will provide

staff support for the Committee on Centers, Institutes and Specialized

Research Laboratories.

4. Internal Management Goals

a. Use Research Liaison Committee recommendations to continue

responsiveness to pre and post award management and services to


b. Move toward filling the Associate Vice President for Research

position. Kathy Lowery, Vice President for Business & Finance, has

agreed to chair the search committee. Lynn noted that one of the

primary responsibilities of the incumbent will be to provide leadership

for the Office of Sponsored Programs.

SUNY Chancellor’s Award

Lynn reported that the SUNY wide award for 2004-05 are divided into two different categories: Innovations and Patents Award and Excellence in Pursuit of Knowledge. She received recommendations for the Excellence in Pursuit of Knowledge Award from the committee chaired by Larry Schell. The Assistant Vice President for Research submitted recommendations for the Innovations and

Patents Award. All recommendations will be forwarded to the Chancellor.

The recognition dinner will be held on November 4. Lynn will provide an update at the next COR meeting.

Lynn noted that we have responded adequately even though there is such a short period of time between the notification for call for nominations and the deadline for submitting recommendations to the Chancellor.

She suggested that the committee be established in May so that we are prepared to proceed when the call is received.

Misconduct Policy

Carolyn MacDonald provided background information on the policy and noted that the policy was drafted by the Committee on Ethics Research and Scholarship (CERS).

By invitation of the Interim Vice President for Research, Council was asked to review and comment on the document.

Comments were as follows:

R. Sanders noted three major concerns:

1. The University’s definition and stance on misconduct should be included in a

prologue and not in the appendix.

2. Procedures appear to be redundant; it may help to develop main headings

that are clear and distinctive.

3. It appears that the rights and responsibilities of the complainant are closely

aligned with that of the defendant.

Appears that a new category should be inserted between Item V and Item VI perhaps titled Formalize Charges.

J. Castracane expressed concern that the current procedures (page 8, section H) need to clearly state that sanctions are imposed for claims that are not well researched or unsubstantiated. Also, that if the claim is the result of an honest mistake that the complainant be held harmless.

An ad hoc committee, comprised of Robert Sanders and Vince Idone, will draft a document consisting of comments from Council members, and submit to Interim Vice President Videka.

Carolyn MacDonald cautioned the members that the policy is not inclusive of all wrongdoings. There are some legal issues and questions that may need to addressed by University Counsel.

ACTION ITEM: All comments regarding the Misconduct Policy should be submitted to Robert Sanders by October 4, 2004.

Subcommittee Reports

Committees have not been established; therefore, there were no reports.

Volunteers for the Benevolent Review Committee were requested since the first meeting is eminent. COR representatives on the committee include David Lewis, Chair, Cheryl Frye and Richard Perez.

Janice announced that the call for nominations for the University’s Excellence in Research Awards, was sent to the Deans on September 21. The deadline to submit nomination packets to the Office of the Vice President for Research is January 24, 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50

Submitted by


Janice Bogan

Assistant to the Vice President for Research

Staff Support for Council on Research