University at Albany

State University of New York


2004-05 University Senate

Monday, February 7, 2005



1.Approval of Minutes of December 6, 2004


2.Provostís Report


3.University Faculty Senate Report


4.Chairís Report


5.Council Reports


††††††††††† a. CAA, Malcolm Sherman

††††††††††† b. COR, Vince Idone

††††††††††† c.†† CPCA, Diane Dewar

††††††††††† d. ††GAC, Louise-Anne McNutt

††††††††††† e. GOV, Steven Messner

††††††††††† f.††† LISC, David Wagner

††††††††††† g. UAC, Seth Chaiken

††††††††††† h. ULC, Gwendolyn Moore

†††††††††† i. †† UPC, David McCaffrey†††††


6. Committee Reports


††††††††††† a. CAFECOR, Lawrence Snyder

††††††††††† b. CERS, R. Michael Range††

††††††††††† c. URPAC, A. Lyons


7.New Business


a.       Election of Senator Nominated by UPC

b.      Approval of UPC Membership Change

††††††††††† c.†† Senate Bill No. 0405-02:(CERS) University at Albany Policy and Procedures on Misconduct in Research and Scholarship

d.      Senate Bill No. 0405-08:(GAC) Proposal to Revise the Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in School Leadership

e.       Senate Bill No. 0405-09:(GAC) Name Change for the Department of Environmental Health and Toxicology


8. Adjournment††