University at Albany

State University of New York


2004-05 University Senate Executive Committee

Monday, February 28, 2005



1.  Approval of Minutes of January 24, 2005

2.      Coordination of Ongoing Business:

            College of Computing and Information

            IT Commons

            CAS Honors College

            Research Center Approvals

            Academic Freedom Resolution Response


3. Review of Senate Items for March 14, 2005 from:


University Faculty Senate


      a.   CAA, Malcolm Sherman

      b.  CPCA, Diane Dewar   

      c.   GAC, Louise-Ann McNutt

      d.   GOV, Steven Messner

      e.   LISC, David Wagner

      f.    COR, Vince Idone      

      g.   UAC, Seth Chaiken

      h.   ULC, Gwendolyn Moore         

      i.    UPC, David McCaffrey


      a.   CAFECOR, Lawrence Snyder

      b.   CERS, R. Michael Range        


4.   New Business


5.   Adjournment