University at Albany
State University of New York

2003-04 University Senate
Monday, December 1, 2003


1.Approval of Minutes of October 27, with continuation of meeting on November 3
2. President's Report
3. University Faculty Senate Report: Richard Collier  
4. Chair's Report
5. Council Reports
  a. CPCA Glenna Spitze
  b. EPC Edelgard Wulfert
  c. GAC Hara Charalambous
  d. UAC Joan Savitt
  e. RES Lynn Videka
  f. LISC David Wagner
  g. CAFE Donna Armstrong
  h. ULC Gwendolyn Moore
  i. CERS Bruce Dudek
  j. Bylaws Carolyn MacDonald
6. Old Business
Faculty Meeting-Monday, Dec. 8, 3 p.m. CC Ballroom
Responses to Resolution 0304-01R (Hitchcock Resolution)
Responses to Resolution 0304-03R (University Council Resolution)

New Business

Bill 0304-08 Formal Elimination of the General Education Honors Program
Bill 0304-09 Revision of the Criteria for Dean's List and Dean's Commendation for Part-Time Students
(item) Senate process for the election of faculty representatives
to the Presidential Search Committee
Resolution Inquiry Addressed to the SUNY Research Foundation
0304-04 (draft title; introduced by Richard Collier)

****All TEACHING FACULTY senators please mark your calendar to attend a special meeting of the Senate immediately following the Dec. 8 faculty meeting, from 4:15-5:30 in the Terrace Lounge in order to elect faculty representatives to the Presidential Search Committee.


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