University Senate Executive Committee Meeting

October 18, 2004



Present:          S. Chaiken, R. Collier, D. Dewar, V. Idone, W. Lanford, A. Lyons,

C. MacDonald, S. Messner, G. Moore, J. Mumpower, M. Pryse, R.M. Range,

M. Sherman, G. Singh, L. Snyder, D. Wagner


Guest:             R. Farrell


President’s Report:  Interim President Ryan was not able to attend the meeting due to a last-minute scheduling change.  Interim Provost Jeryl Mumpower briefly spoke about the enrollment shortfall.  Professor MacDonald asked who constituted the Middle-States Advisory Committee on Assessment.  Interim Provost Mumpower reported that there are 30 members on the committee, representing every college and school.  The Committee is in the process of reviewing a proposal developed by Dr. Bruce Szelest for an Institutional Assessment Plan.


Review of Senate agenda for October 25, 2004:  The Mission Review is not listed as an agenda item for the next Senate meeting because there has not yet been ample time for a thorough review. 


Governance Council (GOV), Professor Steven Messner, Chair:  The Governance Council is in the process of following up on the resolution passed at the last Senate meeting regarding working together with representatives from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) to discuss UAlbany-wide faculty governance matters.   Professor Eric Lifshin of CNSE contacted Senate Chair MacDonald and agreed to meet with the Governance Council representatives and further agreed that three representatives from each unit would lead to a manageable group.  The Governance Council is in the process of selecting its three representatives.  Initially, the Senate was asked to review the CNSE Bylaws and Charter and respond to Interim President Ryan by October 8.  Professor Messner conferred with Senate Chair MacDonald and Professor Lifshin about the timeline of the response to the President and concluded that an extension beyond October 8 would be necessary.  They requested an extension and Interim President Ryan agreed to extend the timeline for a response.


The Committee on Assessment in Governance is reviewing the draft Mission Review II document very carefully.   At its last meeting, some members were concerned about language in various areas of the current document that refers to the independent structure of CNSE.  Council members felt it should not be stated that way as finalized in the document since the structure of CNSE is currently being discussed.   


University Planning and Policy Council (UPC), Professor Marjorie Pryse, Chair:  UPC is reviewing the Mission Review document and has organized its two committees.  The Resource Analysis and Planning Committee (RAPC) met to discuss the Mission Review document in more detail.  The Council has made some recommendations to the Provost’s Office for the inclusion of additional data.  Senate Bill No. 0405-01 – “UPC Charter Change” will be voted on at the October 25 Senate meeting.


Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC), Professor Seth Chaiken, Chair:  UAC is discussing the Mission Review II document and will continue to do so.  Senate Bill No. 0405-03 “UAC Charter Change” and Senate Bill No. 0405-04  “Elimination of the Pre-Fall 2000 General Education Program” will be presented at the October 25 Senate meeting.


Council on Academic Assessment (CAA), Professor Malcolm Sherman, Chair:  CAA is undertaking review of the self-evaluation and assessment reports of two departments, Economics and Political Science.


Council on Research (COR), Professor Vincent Idone, Chair:  COR is in the process of organizing its committees and will discuss the research aspects of Mission Review.


Council on Promotions and Continuing Appointments (CPCA), Professor Diane Dewar, Chair:  CPCA is continuing to meet on approximately 52 cases for this year.


Council on Libraries, Information Systems and Computing (LISC), Professor David Wagner, Chair:   LISC will discuss the Mission Review II document, continue discussions on the Elsevier issue and continue to look into the political campaign messages that have been distributed through the UAlbany email system.   


University Life Council (ULC), Professor Gwen Moore, Chair:  ULC has set up its committees and will begin discussing the Mission Review document this week.  The Council is reviewing the matter of suspending classes for religious holidays and reviewing the campus evacuation plan.  The Committee on Health, Safety and Well-Being will look at the issue of family leave.  The family leave issue is covered under the employment contract, but some faculty have expressed concern that family leave is not handled the same way in each school or college. 


Committee on Academic Freedom, Freedom of Expression, and Community Responsibility (CAFFECoR), Professor Lawrence Snyder, Chair:  The Committee is working with Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, William Hedberg on the implementation of two bills passed at last year’s Senate:  Campus Distribution Policy for Newspapers and Other News Periodicals” and the “Campus Policy on Freedom of Expression.”  The Committee is also working on a new bill regarding a policy for recognition of faculty and staff organizations.


Committee on Ethics in Research and Scholarship (CERS), Professor R. Michael Range, Chair:  Professor Range will conduct a question and answer period at the next Senate meeting to discuss the draft Misconduct Policy Report.  The Committee has received input from the Council on Research and some individual faculty to date.   


Senate Broadcasts:  Professor MacDonald reminded the group that in accordance with the new Senate Charter, the Senate will send an email broadcast reporting Council business prior to Senate meetings.  She requested the Council Chairs submit Council reports sometime early in the week before the Senate meetings are scheduled so this may be accomplished in a timely manner.


Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne VanDenburgh, Recorder