Monday, September 30, 2002
Campus Center Assembly Hall


1. Approval of Minutes:

May 6, 2002 (2001-02 Senate)
May 6, 2002 (2002-03 Sentate)

2. President's Report
3. University Faculty Senate Report

Richard L. Collier
Edward C. Turner

4. Chair's Report
5. Council Reports
  a. CPCA Glenna D. Spitze
  b. EPC Edelgard Wulfert
  c. GAC Carolyn MacDonald
  d. UAC Reed J. Hoyt
  e. RES Bruce C. Dudek
  f. LISC Peter J. Duchessi
  g. CAFE Donna L. Armstrong
  h. ULC Kirk E. Smith
6. Old Business
7. New Business
  a. Approval of 2002-3 Council Assignments
  b. Senate Bill No. 0203-01 Graduate Certificate in Autism

Senate Resolution 0203-01R

8. Adjournment
University Senate University at Albany