Committee on Ethics in Research & Scholarship (CERS)

University at Albany Policy and Procedures on Misconduct 

Senate Charter Reference

2014-2015 MEMBERSHIP
Susanna Fessler, Chair

 TEACHING FACULTY: 6 Full Professors, >2S


 S  C   1) Fessler, Susanna     (2012-2014) CAS/East Asian Studies 
 S  2) Lahiri, Kajal  (SP 2013-2015)  CAS/Economics
   C   3) Lyons, Andi (2014-2017) CAS/Theatre
   C   4)  MacDonald, Carolyn  (2013-2015) CAS/Physics 
   C   5) McCallion, Phillip (2013-2015)  School of Social Welfare 
   6) Wagner, David       (2014-2017) CAS/Sociology



S = Senator
H = Holdover from previous year
(paren.)= term of service