• Forensic Science

    Chemist’s Technique Can Identify a Fingerprint as Male or Female

    A team of researchers led by UAlbany chemistry professor Jan Halámek have discovered a straightforward concept for identifying whether a culprit is male or female. It’s based on content in fingerprints – specifically amino acids. According to known literature, amino acid levels in the sweat of females are about twice as high as in males.


    Sweeping Away Government’s Paper Crush

    Our Center for Technology in Government partners with one of the state’s leading providers of e-government solutions to help small to medium governments dig out from a growing avalanche of digital records and emerge paper-free, bearing greater openness and transparency.


    Anthropologist Rewarded as She Finds a New Century for a New Spain Catechism

    Award-winning essay by Louise Burkhart uproots a vestige of received wisdom and offers theories why pictorial manuscripts were placed in the evangelical toolkit of 16th Century friars — long before their actual creation.


    International Initiative Aims to Help Countries Halt Spread of WMDs

    Bryan R. Early sees the development of proactive trade control policies as the key to halting the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Early and his team are collaborating to provide strategic trade control assistance to countries in the Western Balkans and Central Asia, as well as Taiwan, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

  • Public Health Policy

    First Published Paper for Public Health Assistant Professor is a Winner

    Feng (Johnson) Qian addressed the previously little-studied issues of clinical profiles, quality of care, and outcomes related to heart failure among Asian-Americans. The result was a best-paper award from an organization dedicated to the health of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the U.S.



UAlbany Professor Chemistry John Welch

UAlbany Chemist Explores Volatile World of Fluorochemical Research

University at Albany Professor of Chemistry John Welch and his research team are embarking on the study of a new type of fluorinated molecule, aliphatic fluorinated hypervalent sulfur compounds. These molecules may find wide applications in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals as well as in materials science.

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