IRB - Required CITI Course

The University at Albany is part of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) along with over 1130 other organizations throughout the world. If key research personnel have taken CITI training elsewhere, the previously completed training will be accepted at UAlbany, with the caveat that key research personnel must complete any CITI courses required by UAlbany that have not already been completed.

CITI training is an on-line training program.   There are several learner groups to choose from to satisfy the training requirement (see descriptions, below).  Please contact the Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Services if you need assistance with determining which group is appropriate for you or with accessing or registering with CITI.

Human Research Subjects Course

The University at Albany requires that ALL investigators and key personnel proposing to conduct research involving human subjects complete training on the ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human research subjects. Key research personnel are defined as anyone who has contact with human participants and/or access to research data.

Training certification is effective for five (5) years after completion.

This applies to all Basic and Refresher courses.   Investigators and key research personnel are required to take one of the BASIC courses. If investigators and key research personnel wish to continue human subjects research upon the expiration of the five-year certification period, they are required to re-certify by taking the REFRESHER course.

University at Albany CITI Human Subjects Research Learner Groups

Group 1: Biomedical

This group is intended for professors, research personnel, faculty advisors and key personnel who engage in the study of specific diseases and conditions (includes research which involve any physiologically invasive procedure, e.g., blood draws, carbon dioxide inhalation, saliva swabs, etc.).

Group 2: Social and Behavioral

This group is intended for professors, research personnel, faculty advisors and key personnel who engage in research with a focus on the understanding of behavioral or social processes that does not involve biomedical procedures.

Group 3: Graduate Student

This group is designed for masters- and doctoral-level students engaged in research or research practica. Graduate students who engage in biomedical research must also complete the Group 1 Module.

Group 4: Undergraduate Student

This group is designed for undergraduate students who may be engaged in research, research practica or a research-methods class.

Group 5: IRB Members and Staff

This group is designed to meet one of the requirements that IRB members and staff receive comprehensive continuing education. It provides an overview of IRB responsibilities, elements of protocol review, and research involving vulnerable populations.

Group 6: IRB Reference Resource

This group does NOT satisfy the educational requirement.  It provides an overview and reference information.

Group 7: Research Involving Human Tissues/Samples ONLY

This group is designed for researchers and key personnel who engage solely in human subjects research of secondary analysis of human tissues and/or samples.

Group 8: Basic (Restricted use only; will not satisfy mandatory education requirement without prior ORRC authorization)

This group is designed for non-researchers and non-key personnel who minimal engagement with human subjects or human subjects’ data (e.g. transcribers, etc.). Only the PACS may designate this learner group to individual(s) in order to satisfy an educational requirement.

CITI Registration

Click on the link below and follow the registration instructions on the CITI site. Once you have completed the required modules, you will be able to access and print a Completion Report.   A copy of the Completion Report for each Investigator and Key research personnel named in the protocol must accompany your protocol submissions to the Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Services.

CITI training website

Step-by-step Instructions for CITI registration

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Compliance for assistance with CITI training or for answers to specific questions.