Science & Technology Entry Program

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STEP is part of a statewide body that is funded by the State Education Department. STEP prepares historically underrepresented and /or economically disadvantaged elementary and secondary school students to acquire the aptitude and skills necessary to pursue post-secondary degree programs that lead to professional careers in the scientific, technical, health-related or other licensed professions.

The program also challenges parents and educators to become involved in the process to support the development of our “community of learners.” Students are expected to participate in and attend the annual statewide conference.


  • To stimulate, challenge and encourage students to achieve in a technological setting
  • Introduce students to a variety of careers in the fields of Math, Science and Technology
  • To meet people in the industry and in education and to encourage students to pursue careers in Math, Science and Technology
  • To provide a non-threatening environment for students


STEP achieves its goal by offering various programs to individuals who are economically disadvantaged, or  African American, Latino, Alaskan Native, or Native American, Pacific Islanders 7th - 12th grade students from schools in the Capital District, in particular the Albany City School District UAlbany STEP students benefit from programs that consist of summer and academic year components including:

  • Core subject instruction/Regents exam preparation
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Supervised training in research methods in the STEM fields
  • Mentoring & Tutoring
  • Internships
  • High School and College admissions counseling
  • Standardized test preparation (SAT)
  • Career awareness/development activities
  • College & Career Visits
  • UAlbany STEP Summer Institute
  • 1-Credit College Transition Course (UNI 103)

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these offerings! For information on these or other programs feel free to contact us:

Program Coordinator - Etwin Bowman: 518-442-9083
Academic Counselor - Pascale Maximin: 518-442-5191
Assistant to the Director- Yessenia Raposo: (518)-442-5182

Apply Now

Students interested in UAlbany STEP are encouraged to download an application online at apply to STEP , or visit the Office of Access & Academic Enrichment (OAAE) housed in the Education Opportunities Program (EOP) Complex, at LI-94T. The application process is open enrollment, and applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements. *Economic eligibility guidelines are determined by the state of New York. Students who are not underrepresented (e.g., African American, Hispanic/Latino, Alaskan Native, or Native American) must meet these income guidelines.


The World Within Reach

Students participate in more than 200 student clubs and honor societies, and enjoy a busy calendar of campus events.