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Faculty/Staff Mail Services: Express Mail

Domestic Service

Express mail is an expedited delivery service, typically next day delivery, to addresses within the United States. United Parcel Service (UPS) is currently on contract with New York State, providing express service at substantial savings. 

When sending an express item to a P.O. Box, or if a Saturday delivery is required, USPS Express Mail Service should be used. Other carriers do not provide service to P.O. boxes and apply an extra charge for Saturday delivery.

The University participates in Internet-based shipping program called UPS Campus Ship.  This service allows you to process your shipments directly from your PC using any of the service levels available. Labels are printed on your printer for you to attach to your package. Packages can be left with your outgoing mail for Mail Services  pick-up, handed to the courier if he or she is stopping by your office, placed in a drop box on campus, or taken to any authorized UPS shipping location. Please be aware that if you request a pick-up from UPS you will incur additional charges.  The main mail facility is considered the pick-up location for the account managed by Mail Services. Contact Lianne Fenn (442-3471) in Mail Services to learn more and to get set up with desktop shipping services. Mail Services has UPS and USPS packaging materials which are available free of charge. Call the mail facility at 442-3272 to request them and the supplies will be delivered on the next scheduled departmental delivery. They may also be picked up any time at the mail facility.

Express mail packages and letters are picked up at the main Mail Facility (BA B4) by the carriers Monday through Friday, at scheduled times. If the pick-up time at the main facility is missed, there are drop boxes on campus for UPS express letters. Items sent through the U.S. Postal Service need to be taken to a Post Office if the 3:00 PM pick-up time at the main Mail Facility is missed.

UPS Express drop boxes with later pick-up times are available at the locations below:

Location Pick-up Time
University Art Museum 5:00 PM
University Administration Building 5:30 PM
Downtown Campus, entrance to Dewey Library 5:30 PM
East Campus, outside Building C 5:00 PM

If a 3-part waybill was used for the shipment, Mail Services requests that the top copy of the waybill be removed from the shipment before depositing it in the drop box. This copy should then be sent to the Mail Facility for billing purposes.

Next Day Service Guarantee - If a UPS Next Day package is not delivered within the guaranteed time period Mail Services has 15 days to dispute the charge and request a credit for the shipment.  Senders are responsible for letting Mail Services know that delivery was not completed on time.  Contact Lianne Fenn at  or 442-3471, with complaints.


DHL, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service provide international express mail service. Each carrier requires different packaging and/or waybills and often customs documentation, so please check with the Mail Facility to ensure that you have the proper packaging and forms.

For clarification and cost estimates, please contact the Mail Facility at 442-3272. We can assist you in determining the service that best meets your needs and budget.

For additional information on the services offered by both the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Services, please select Links on the left menu.