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Technology-Enhanced Classroom Software Request

Please use this form when requesting software installation in the Lecture Centers, the Information Commons, and classrooms managed by Information Technology Services.  Please refer to our webpage Requesting Installation of Software on ITS Public Computer Labs before completing this form.

Note: Generally all requests must be received 6 weeks before the start of the semester. This lead-time is to ensure proper testing of the application and its interaction with other software applications

Semester required:

User Information:

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    Campus Address:
    Email Address:
    Class for which
    this software
    is needed
    (ie. CSI-198)

Software Information:

  1. Application, vendor and version/release:
    Add-ons or extensions required:
  2. Web Page (if available):
  3. Brief Description:

License: You must have enough licenses for each machine in the facility (including instructor's machine) or license metering must be allowed for the software (concurrent licensing.) If the application is to be metered, please include a copy of the concurrent license agreement from the vendor. Please note that Microsoft generally does not allow metering.

Testing: Once the software is installed in our test environment you will be notified. We request that the instructor that will be using the software test it with actual data before it is deployed to the facility.

Submission: After submitting this completed form, please provide a copy of the license showing number of authorized users and effective dates. Please forward the licensing information to Kyle Pulliam, LC-27 (, 442-3726).

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