File Storage


ITS provides several in-house solutions for online files and storage. 

All members of the campus community have access to the S: drive, which includes 100 MB of personal file storage. The S: drive can be mapped on University computers or accessed from off-campus locations. The S: Drive is automatically mapped on computers in the Information Commons.

Departments maintain personal and shared folders for faculty and staff. In most cases, personal folders are located on the U: Drive, while folders that are shared are stored on the V: Drive. All files stored in these locations are backed up frequently throughout the day and may be restored via an easy, self-serve procedure.

Computers in all Registrar-scheduled classrooms are equipped with shared drives where faculty and students can share their files.



  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Service Availability

24 x 7 except during scheduled maintenance.

Pricing Information

There is no charge for this service