Getting Started: Your PIN, Password and NetID


All members of the University community are provided with unique electronic credentials to access campus IT resources. These include a PIN, password, and NetID. You will use your NetID and password to log in to most campus IT services. Do not share these credentials with anyone.

You will receive a 6-digit PIN which is used to activate your account. Students receive their PIN via email at the personal email address used on their application. Faculty/staff PIN letters are mailed to the employee's hiring department. Once you have received your PIN, use it to complete the Password Set process.

The University at Albany requires the use of complex passwords to protect your electronic identity.Choosing a complex password is part of the Password Set process. You can change your password any time.

Your NetID is a unique personal identifier composed of the first initial of your first and last name followed by six random numbers. Your NetID will be displayed on the final screen when you complete the Password Set process.

Completing the Password Set process fully activates your account. The campus IT reesources you will have access to are determined by your primary role at the University (student, faculty, staff, etc.).



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