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Interested in developing a fully online course at UAlbany? Read about the two different ways to participate in Online Course Development (OCD) through ITS - Faculty Technology Resources. For more information, please call Caroline Manssino-Cohen at 518-442-4003.

Online Course Development (OCD)

OCD is offered twice a year: a spring cohort (February - May) for courses to be offered in Summer, Fall and/or Winter and a summer cohort (May - August) for courses to be offered in Fall, Winter and/or Spring.  Enrollment in these cohorts is initiated by a call for participation sent to the academic departments by the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions.  The participants of these OCD cohorts are selected by Summer Sessions based on course alignment with General Education requirements.  Participants receive a stipend for developing fully online courses and meet the terms of the signed contract.  Some of the required activities are listed below:

  • Pre-Workshop Activities in Blackboard
  • Attend OCD Workshop day(s) 9am - 4pm
  • 1 on 1 consultation with Instructional Developer
  • Blackboard workshops (optional)
  • Complete Course Development tasks at specified Checkpoint dates
  • Course Review - a review of course readiness will be conducted
  • Attend Community Connect (2 hour meeting)


Online Course Development FLEX (OCD-FLEX)

OCD-Flex provides a flexible pathway to online course development for instructors who are not able to participate in an OCD cohort.  It is a self-paced learning process with provided resources and opportunities for individual consultation.  As the name implies, this method offers more flexibility with no required one on one meetings or Checkpoints along the way.  Instructors should attend the OCD-Flex workshop, no later than the beginning of the previous semester to when the new online course will be offered.

  • Attend Teach Online workshop (3 hours)
  • Workshop Activities/Resources in Blackboard
  • Consultation (optional)
  • Blackboard workshops (optional)
  • Course Review - a review of course readiness will be conducted (course should be complete and ready for review 6 weeks before the first day of classes)

Instructors must have the approval of their department for online course delivery.  Throughout the OCD-Flex program, Faculty Technology Resources will communicate development status with participants and their departments via emails. 

To get started with the Online Course Development FLEX program, you will need to attend the Teach Online workshop.  To find when it is next offered, please go to the Workshop Schedule.

*Please Note* Once members have gone through the Online Course Development and/or OCD-Flex program they will be able to teach their course and feel free to develop more fully online courses. The Instructional Developers at Faculty Technology Resources will continue to be available for consultation but it will no longer be a required component.


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