Information Studies Faculty and Staff

The Department’s faculty have distinguished careers in disciplines that include:

  • Classification, indexing and access
  • Electronic information access technologies and users
  • Human-computer interactions
  • Archives and records management
  • Information literacy
  • Natural language processing and medical language processing
  • Multimedia organization and retrieval
  • Impact of information and communication technologies
  • Technology and learning

Full-Time Faculty Listing

Deborah Andersen Deborah Lines Andersen
Information Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: (518) 442-5122      Email: dla [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Research methods and statistics, electronic information access technologies and their users, public libraries


Philip B. Eppard Philip B. Eppard
Information Studies Department Chair, Professor
Phone: 518-442-5119   Email: peppard [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Archives, records administration, preservation management, electronic records, history of recorded information

Hemalata Iyer
Information Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-442-5116 Email: hiyer [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Information organization, visual resource management, access issues for variable media resources, vocabulary management, metadata, classification theory, user behavior and information services to virtual users

Abebe Rorissa

Abebe Rorissa
Information Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-442-5123 Email: arorissa [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: multimedia information organization and retrieval; measurement and scaling of users’ information need and their perceptions of a multimedia information sources and services; and the use/acceptance/adoption and impact of information and communication technology

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Shin Donghee

Donghee Sinn
Information Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-442-5117 Email: dsinn [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: archives, archival research in history, archival use/user studies, personal archiving in the web environment, archiving web contents, digital archiving of cultural artifacts, archives and public memory, and public memory in relation to Asian cultures and heritages

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Joette Stelf-Mabry

Joette Stefl-Mabry
Information Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-442-5120 Email: jstefl [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Integration and assessment of educational technologies, user needs; social implications of technology, media decision-making, and media exposure and its effects on brain functioning

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Ozlem Uzuner

Özlem Uzuner
Information Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-442-5110 Email: ouzuner [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Medical informatics, medical language processing, electronic health records, natural language understanding, natural language information access, information retrieval, information extraction, privacy, security, and intellectual property, & user interfaces.

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Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan
Information Studies, Assistant Professor
Phone: 518-591-8746 Email: xyuan [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Information-seeking behavior, information
retrieval, user interface design and evalua tion, information visualization, usability testing, human-computer interaction, and digital libraries


Service Faculty Listing

Frank D'Andraia
Information Studies, Service Professor
Phone: (518) 442-5118 Email: fdandraia [dot] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Academic Libraries



Adjunct Faculty Listing


Deborah Bernnard
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Phone: (518) 442-3699 Email: dbernnard [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Information literacy and instructional design


Ted Borys
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: tedborys [at] nycap [dot] rr [dot] com

Guy J. Cortesi
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: guy.cortesi [at] gmail [dot] com
Research Interests: Effective use of Information Technology in distance reporting and virtual organizational settings; the relation of communication channel and task on group composition, participation, and performance in virtual organizations


Sheila DiMaggio
Information Studies, School Media Internship Coordinator
Email: SDiMaggio [at] albany [dot] edu


Linda Fasano
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: lfasano [at] nycap [dot] rr [dot] com


Carol Anne Germain 
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: cgermain [at] albany [dot] edu

Bio: Carol Anne Germain is an Information Literacy Librarian at the University at Albany. She teaches information literacy courses, participates in reference, and develops web-based instructional resources. Carol Anne has 3 degrees from the University at Albany: a Bachelors in Information Science and Policy, a Masters of Library Science, and in May 2012, Carol Anne completed all of the requirements for a Ph.D. in Information Science. She is active with several professional library organizations including the State University of New York Librarians Association and the New York Library Association (NYLA). In November 2012, she will be the president of NYLA. In that capacity she plans to tour the State with the theme “New York Libraries make a Difference.”

Research Interests: Persistence of URLs in academic resources, Web usability, information literacy


Ira Goldstein
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: igoldstein [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Organization of information, medical informatics, natural language processing, information retrieval, information extraction, instructional technology, information security

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Mindy Holland
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: MHolland [at] sunrisemc [dot] com
Research Interests: Change in schools and motivating children to read.

Joyce Laiosa
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: jrlaiosa [at] gmail [dot] com 

Barbara Nichols-Randall
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: bnicholsrandall [at] albany [dot] edu

Catherine Stollar Peters
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: cspeters [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Electronic records, digital curation, email preservation, metadata, XML, archives and manuscripts, digital libraries



 Dawit H. Demissie
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: ddemmissie [at] albany [dot] edu
Research Interests: Use/adoption/impact of information & communication technologies (ICTs), health informatics, e-Government, and managing and emerging technologies.

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Andrew Raymond
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: araymond43 [at] gmail [dot] com


Barbara Via
Information Studies, Adjunct Faculty
Email: bvia [at] albany [dot] edu



Staff Listing

Kathleen Gurney
Information Studies, Secretary
Phone: (518) 442-5115    Email: kgurney [at] albany [dot] edu

Daphne Jorgensen
Information Studies, Assistant Dean
Internship Placement Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty

Phone: (518) 442-5110    Email: djorgensen [at] albany [dot] edu

Sheila DiMaggio
Information Studies, School Media Internship Coordinator
Phone: (518) 442-5110    Email: SDiMaggio [at] albany [dot] edu