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Photos of the Day of Triqui Culture are here!

Triqui women and girls' dance. Triqui Culture Day, April 12th 2014.

On April 12 members of the Triqui community, the Institute for Mesoamerican Studies and the Department of Anthropology hosted a Day of Triqui Culture. The occasion recognized San Juan Copala Triquis' distinct cultural contributions to the Albany area. There were traditional foods, a dance performance, and handicrafts. Dr. Aaron Broadwell, Triqui language consultant, Román López, and their students highlighted their research, especially a massive Copala Triqui-Spanish-English audiovisual dictionary.We thank the New York State Office for New Americans and the General Consulate of Mexico in New York for their participation.

You can acces the dictionary at

Photos of the events are posted on our Facebook page.

The Times Union article "Keeping a language alive" ca be accessed here.

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