Institute for Mesoamerican Studies

Field Research Publication Awards



Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates !

The IMS is proud to congratulate our 2014 graduates:

  • Doctor of Philosophy:

    Christine F. Preble "Imperial Consumption: The U.S.– Based Cruise Ship
    Industry and Cozumel, Mexico.", Dr. Walter E. Little


  • Masters' of Arts in Anthropology
    • Juan Ignacio Cases Martin . "Maya Writing Hermeneumatics: Towards a Computerization of the Processes of Interpretation of Classic Maya Writing at the Graphemic Level.", Dr. John Justeson
    • Kendra J. Farstad . "Sowing Tradition: The Multipurpose House Gardens
      of Telchaquillo.", Dr. Marilyn A. Masson
    • Katherine R. Kurtessis. "Revolutionary Remnants: Consequences of Political
      and Social Constructs on the Development of Tourism
      in Nicaragua.", Dr. Walter E. Little
    • Sara A. Ruggerio. "Violence and Expression: Susto, Nervios, and Women's Narratives in Postwar Guatemala.", Dr. Elise L. Andaya
    • Brynna Tussey. "Museum Representation: Ethnistatic Portrayal of Culture.", Dr Walter E. Little.


The Institute for Mesoamerican Studies (IMS) is a non-profit educational research institute dedicated to the study and dissemination of knowledge concerning the peoples and cultures of Mesoamerica (Mexico and northern Central America). IMS serves to organize and coordinate the work of the Mesoamericanist faculty at the State University of New York at Albany. We have the largest number of full-time Mesoamericanists of any institution north of Mexico, and our members are among the most active and prominent scholars in the field of Mesoamerican anthropology. The primary activities of IMS are research and publication. Read more about our history and how to contact us on our About Us page.