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Intensive English Language Program

Semesters and Classes:

The Intensive English Language Program is offered year-round. In addition to the fall and spring semesters, the IELP offers an eight-week summer session. There are 20 class hours per week. Courses are taught at the high-beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, and classes are purposely kept small so that students can receive individualized attention according to their needs. (Students should have some knowledge of English before entering this program.) Students may enroll for one or more consecutive semesters. More than one semester of study in the IELP is often needed for anyone seeking admission to the University at Albany, except when a student enters the program with an already high level of English proficiency.

Cultural Activities and Speakers:

IELP students engage in a variety of organized activities and cultural events to help ensure that they will experience the fullest possible use of the English language and increase their knowledge of American culture. During the semester IELP offers activities and excursions designed to help students learn English and experience American culture. In past semesters IELP has sponsored day trips to Boston, New York City, Lake George and Howe Caverns. IELP offers activities for each of the four seasons such as apple-picking in the fall and outdoor theater in the summer. Other activities include picnics, parties, an English Olympics, bowling, volleyball, and a visit to the New York State Museum. Each semester students have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers who give informational talks on such subjects as culture shock, safety and security, and immigration matters.

English Only Policy:

This policy requires students to use only English in classes. English is strongly encouraged in situations outside of class also. Experience has shown that students who use English more frequently make the best progress.

Certificate of Attendance:

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the end of each IELP session to students who attend 90% of all classes and complete all of the testing program. In addition, a written evaluation of progress is provided to the student at the end of each period of study. It should be noted that completion of the program does not provide university credit, nor does it assure automatic acceptance into a university program of academic study.


On Campus: IELP students frequently live on Alumni Quad near the Downtown Campus. Most residence hall students have a roommate. A typical meal plan offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Off Campus: Students choosing to live off campus must make their own arrangements. It is necessary to arrive in Albany at least a week before registration day to locate and rent an apartment.


Medical insurance coverage is REQUIRED for all international students at SUNY Albany. The medical insurance is for illness or accident, and covers almost all of the costs that might be incurred. A University Health Center fee is also mandatory.

Registration Day:

IELP registration day includes check-in, passport information check, testing and orientation. Registration day begins at 9:00 a.m.





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