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Intensive English Language Program


The philosophy of the IELP is that English is best learned when written and oral skills are combined. All classes are taught in a communicative and interactive way. The following courses are taught with that in mind, and incorporate as much cultural content as possible. Thus the student is learning not only the skills needed to achieve the goal of mastering English, but also the appropriate context in which to use them while living in the United States.

Listening & Speaking:

The skills needed to readily understand English as it is spoken in public places, social situations, and the academic environment are the focus of this class. Students are exposed to a variety of audio-visual materials and to everyday situations where their skills can be developed. Improving aural comprehension is accomplished through a variety of techniques, including listening to live lectures, taped lectures, and videos.

Conversation class offers students intensive practice in speaking English, focusing on conversation for interpersonal communication, problem-solving, debating, and other needs at different levels. Correct grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are stressed and practiced in many contexts, and attention is given to the appropriate manners of expression in varied situations.

Reading & Composition:

Reading offers an opportunity to learn about a variety of topics while the skills of skimming, identifying main ideas, finding supporting details, drawing inferences, and other important reading techniques are developed. Vocabulary is stressed at each level, as is the goal of increased reading speed. At the advanced level, materials which will help prepare a student for the kinds of assignments given in a university course are utilized.

This class focuses on both the process and the end result of writing. Students spend considerable time writing in class and as homework. Whereas beginning students focus on writing grammatical sentences and paragraphs, more advanced students are given the opportunity to explore and develop the techniques of using rhetorical structures most commonly used in academic writing. These include description, narration, persuasion, and analysis, among others.


This class provides a study of appropriate grammatical structures needed for oral and written communication. At the beginning level, the class builds from basic forms and meanings, emphasizing grammar rules. At the more advanced levels, more attention is given to the rules of usage (from colloquial to formal) and idiomatic forms. In every class a variety of written exercises and oral activities is included to clarify and reinforce each structure as it is learned.


TOEFL skills are taught in every class.





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