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2009 - 2010 Schedule
Fall 2009:
September 1 - December 11, 2009
Spring 2010:
January 20 - May 7, 2010
Fall 2010:
August 30 - December 17, 2010
Summer 2010:
June 1 - July 23, 2010

Note: Costs are subject to change.



Fall 2009:
Spring 2010:
Summer 2010:
Tuition includes instruction, most textbooks and some activities.
Application fee (non-refundable):
$80 per semester
Conditional Admission application fee (non-refundable):
$130 per semester

University Fees (mandatory):

University Comprehensive Fee
Fall 2009:
Spring 2010:
Summer 2010:
Comprehensive fee supports most Health Center, technology and transportation services provided by the University.
University Comprehensive Fee is mandatory for all students and is subject to change.

University SEVIS Maintenance Fee: $75 per semester

University Health & Evacuation Insurance
Spring & Summer:
$574 (7 months)
Summer only:
$246 (3 months)
$410 (5 months)
University Health Insurance and SEVIS fee are mandatory for all F-1 Students and is subject to change. Do NOT purchase medical insurance in your own country.

On-Campus Housing:

Dormitory Room and Board
Approximately $5100 (estimate)
Approximately $2200-$2700 (estimate)
Approximately $5100 (estimate)
Dormitory Room and Board costs are subject to change.

Information and prices to date: 9/2009. Costs subject to change.

NEW: US Government SEVIS Fee

Before you make an appointment at the American Embassy to apply for an F-1 student visa it is necessary to pay the U.S. “SEVIS” fee. ($200.)

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office maintains a Web site with detailed information about the new SEVIS fee. Please open the ICE browser below and carefully read the instructions about paying the SEVIS fee.

The SEVIS fee can be paid through the mail or on-line with a credit card. We encourage you to use the on-line payment method as it is much faster than paying by mail.

On-line SEVIS Fee Payment Web site:

ICE Web site with instructions and frequently asked questions:

Recent changes in US Immigration Rules:

  • You may not study on a tourist visa (B1/B2).
  • You may enter the United States 30 days before the date on your I-20.









Please send questions or comments to:

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