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The Center for Achievement, Retention and Student Success (CARSS) is a federally funded program that represents a coordinated effort to effect a dramatic enhancement of recruitment and retention of students with Science and Mathematics majors. Our goal is to extend the academic support services offered at the University at Albany to a larger cohort of students with these majors and assist them in achieving their academic goals. CARSS offers a multitude of services geared toward developing academic excellence. The staff is committed to the overall well being and success of its students, strives to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all students who use our services, and is free to all participants.

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Professor Rabi Ann Musah serves as Director of the CARSS program. She teaches both undergraduate and grad- uate courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and sub-disciplines of these areas. She has a demonstrated commitment to facilitating student learning and accommodating different learning styles in the classroom. Her research interests are in the areas of medicinal organosulfur natural products, enzymology of C-S lyases and LF synthases in plants, and structure based drug design of small molecules that may have utility in the treatment of HIV-1 infection. She brings to CARSS her experience in teaching, mentoring, acquisition of funding, student advising, networking and management.

Professor Hua Shi, Co-Director of CARSS, joined the University at Albany faculty in Biology in 2005. Professor Shi teaches Biochemistry to both undergraduate and graduate students. He is also keen on developing creative and interdisciplinary courses covering biotechnology, virology and related social issues. In his laboratory, he supervises undergraduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. His research interests are in the areas of molecular and cellular biology of transcription and signal transduction, aptamer-mediated multi-pathway control in living organisms, and target validation for anti-viral and cancer therapies. He brings to CARSS his experience in recruitment, mentoring and student advising.

Denise McKeon, Co-Director of CARSS, is an instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her research interests are in the areas of applied microbiology and microbial eco- logy; specifically in water quality, anti- biotic resistance, and antimicrobial ac- tivity of natural products. She brings to CARSS her long and extensive advising experience with transfer students and the strength of the partnerships she has formed with the community colleges.

Dianne Jester, program coordinator for CARSS, is a former teacher and more recently a program coordinator for a conference center. She contributes to CARSS her extensive organizational and problem solving skills, management and customer-driven experiences and her love of interacting with people of all backgrounds.

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