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Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009
Bulletin Homepage |Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy | Survey and Topical Courses in Political Science

Survey and Topical Courses

R Pos 140 (= R Pub 140) Introduction to Public Policy (3)
Introduction to theories of how democracies make public policy. Describes the roles of government institutions, the media, and interest groups in the policy process. Reviews current theories of how problems are identified and how policies are formulated, enacted, and implemented to address public problems. Prerequisite(s): Only one of R Pub 140 and R Pos 140 may be taken for credit.

R Pos 203 Political Thought (3)
Original works in the history of Western political thought, emphasizing the relevance of this material for understanding political concepts, reflecting on political problems, and critically analyzing contemporary political institutions and ideas.

R Pos 204/Y/Z Selected Problems in Political Science (3)
Selected problems pertaining to political science and/or public policy. May be repeated if the selected problem is substantially changed. R  Pos 204Z is a writing intensive version of R Pos 204.

R Pos 230 Law, Courts, and Politics  (3)
The course will examine how law, courts, and politics are related in the American system of government. Major topics will include the role of lawyers in the legal system, and the functioning of both tort law and criminal law. Reading will include a wide variety of materials, including court cases, statutes, journal articles, scholarly books, and in-depth case studies. Several short papers will be assigned, with opportunities for rewriting and revision, and emphasis will be placed on developing skills in analytical writing. R Pos 230H is a writing intensive, Honors College version of R Pos 230, and only one may be taken for credit. Students who have taken R Pos 330 may not take R Pos 230H for credit.

R Pos 250 Research and method in Political Science  (3)
This honors course is designed to equip students with the tools for doing original research in political science and providing them with an opportunity to do such research. The course will fulfill the general education requirements of Oral Discourse and Information Literacy. R Pos 250H is a Honors College version of R Pos 250.

R Pos 340 (= R Pub 340) Introduction to Policy Analysis (3)
Policy analysis involves advising policy makers about political, technical, and implementation feasibility of their options. This course will introduce students to different roles played by analysts, techniques of analysis, and to the range of generic policy implements. Only one of R Pos 340 & R Pub 340 may be taken for credit.