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Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009
Bulletin Homepage | Honors College

The Honors College

Jeffrey Haugaard
Associate Vice Provost and Director of the Honors College; Professor of Counseling Psychology

The Honors College is designed to strengthen successful components of current programs.


The mission of the Honors College is:

  • To contribute to the University's goal of attracting an increased number of especially talented students with interests matching the programs of the University at Albany and to retain these students to graduation;
  • To create a community of developing scholars—both students and faculty—who work together in a challenging academic environment and to stimulate high levels of academic achievement;
  • To involve faculty members in a wide range of honors activities so that they are available as mentors to help students become active learners; 
  • To create a structured set of academic experiences comprising a clear pathway through which honors students can access the opportunities and enriched academic offerings of the University in a systematic and coherent fashion;
  • To enhance the offerings of honors degree programs housed within academic departments, programs and schools;
  • To prepare students to compete successfully for national and international scholarships as well as in admission to graduate and professional schools;
  • To recognize and encourage the range of ways in which students can attain high levels of academic achievement.

The main office of the Honors College is located in LC 31. (518-442-9067).


The University-wide Honors College is housed in the Office of Undergraduate Education. It is administered by the Director who reports to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and the Honors College Governing Board. Members of the Governing Board include the deans of all Colleges and Schools with an undergraduate major or minor, or their designees, a number of teaching faculty equal to the number of deans on the Governing Board, and one sophomore, junior, and senior honors student. The teaching faculty are appointed by the Provost in consultation with the University Senate’s Governance Council. Students are elected by those in their graduating class.  The Governing Board may create subcommittees for specific purposes, such as curriculum and admissions. The Governing Board will submit an annual report to the University Senate’s Undergraduate Academic and University Planning and Policy Councils.

Student Body

Approximately 150 students are admitted to The Honors College each year.

Approximately 125 students are admitted as incoming first-year students. All incoming first-year students may apply for admission to the Honors College. Students who are Presidential Scholars and Douglass Scholars are encouraged to apply.  

Approximately 35 students are admitted at the end of their first semester or at the end of their first year.  All first-year students at UAlbany can apply for admission at these times.  Admissions decisions are made by the Director, in consultation with the admissions committee of the Governing Board.

Changes can be made to the admissions procedures by the Governing Board, in consultation with UAC’s Committee on Admissions and Academic Standing and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Honors College students admitted as incoming first-year students are required to take 18 credits in honors courses before their junior year. (Students beginning the Honors College after two semesters in residence at UAlbany will be required to tak 12 credits.)  A maximum of four of the 18 credits may be earned through one-credit courses.

Students in the Honors College are required to complete the honors program in their major, if their major has an honors program.  Students in a major that does not have an honors program consult with the Director regarding the program they will follow during their second two years. A senior thesis or creative project is required to graduate from the Honors College.

Honors courses are offered at the 100 and 200 levels.  Most are designed to meet one or more General Education requirements and some meet major requirements.  Honors courses must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Provide students with the opportunity for in-depth study of subject-matter that would not be possible in larger classes;
  • Have a research and/or creative component;
  • Have a service-learning component.


Enrollment in honors courses is open to students in the Honors College only.

Honors courses are listed within each department's course listing (with a T prefix) and on the honors college website: