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Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009

Courses in Languages, Literatures and Cultures

A LLC 200 Special Topics (3)
Selected topics in literature or culture not covered by other undergraduate courses offered by the program. May be repeated with credit with change of topic. Consult current schedule of classes for topic and prerequisite. Taught in English.

A LLC 275 European Cinema and Society (3)
This course, taught entirely in English, explores the symbiotic evolution of European cinema and society from the silent era through the present, focusing on representative films from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Soviet Union / Russia. We will approach film not only as an art form whose stylistic and technological dimensions have shifted over the past century, but also as a collective representation that provides insight into social, political, and cultural issues. We will also investigate how cinema has shaped national identities and promoted both international competition and collaboration. In so doing, our study of film will naturally open onto a variety of other disciplines, such as history, psychology, sociology, political science, and gender studies. A Llc 275H is the Honors College version of A Llc 275; only one may be taken for credit.

A LLC 374 International Migration and Transnationalism (3)
This course discusses basic concepts and theories related to the study of migration and transnationalism.  It discusses, among others issues, the following: Why do people move internationally following certain patterns? Why and how do they develop transnational relations? How do migration and transnationalism relate to economic, cultural, political and social processes, and social agency? How do they relate to some gender, class, and ethnic factors? What are some of the global, regional, national, and individual implications of migration and transnationalism? What are the implications for households and enterprises?

A LLC 400 Special Topics (3)
Selected specialized, advanced topics in linguistics, literature, culture, or theory not covered by other undergraduate courses offered by the program.  May be repeated for credit with change of topic. Consult current schedule of classes for topic and prerequisite. Taught in English.

A LLC 440 Internship inTranslation (3)
Employment in and study of theory and practice of professional translation. Practice and study of professional relationships and technology of translation, with a final report on the experience and a paper based on a list of readings selected in consultation with faculty. Internships are open only to qualified juniors and seniors who have an overall grade point average of 2.50 or higher. S/U graded.