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Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009

Courses in Dutch

A Dch 101 Elementary Dutch I (3)
Beginners’ course with sociocultural approach. Emphasis on fundamental Dutch vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and oral expression; graded readings; exercises in Dutch-English and English-Dutch translation.

A Dch 102 Elementary Dutch II (3)
Continuation of sociocultural approach of A Dch 101. Reading of selections from contemporary Dutch fiction to further develop the reading skill. Prerequisite(s): A Dch 101 or placement.

A Dch 201 Intermediate Dutch I (3)
Review of grammar and syntax, followed by literary readings in conjunction with a continuation of the sociocultural method. Prerequisite(s): A Dch 102 or placement.

A Dch 202 Intermediate Dutch II (3)
Continued literary readings in conjunction with a continued emphasis on the sociocultural method. Prerequisite(s): A Dch 201 or placement.

A Dch 308 Introduction to the Literature of the Netherlands (3)
The course surveys major movements in the literature of the Netherlands from 1850 to the present. We will read and study highlights of Dutch and Flemish literature and their social/cultural background. The language of instruction is English (as well as Dutch). Emphasis, however, will be on reading fiction and some poetry in Dutch. Though we may use translations (and movie-adaptations in English), reading proficiency in Dutch on an elementary level is necessary. Works may include Multatuli, Bordewijk, Poetry of the “Experimentelen”, Hermans, Reve, Wolkers and Mulisch.

A Dch 309 Dutch Literature II (3)

A Dch 397 Independent Study Dutch (1-4)
Study by a student in an area of special interest not treated in courses currently offered. May be repeated once with special departmental approval. Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor.