Undergraduate Bulletin, 2002-2003




A as course prefix (see Arts & Sciences, College)

abroad, study
   International Education

absences, due to religious beliefs

absences, from examinations

absentia, degrees in

academic advisement

academic average

academic credit unit

academic dishonesty, penalties

academic dismissal

Academic Early Warning System

academic grievances

academic integrity

academic probation

academic progress charts (Financial Aid)

academic record

academic regulations, undergraduate

academic standing

Academic Support Services, Office of

academic terminal probation

Academy for Initial Teacher Preparation

Accounting courses

Accounting Program


Actuarial and Mathematical Sciences, major

adding courses

address, permanent

admissions programs, special

Admissions, Undergraduate

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advisement Services Center (ASC/US)

advisement, academic

Advisement, Health Careers

Advisement, Prelaw

advisement, visiting student


Africana Studies minor

Africana Studies, Department of

Albany Law, 3+3 program

Albany Medical College, Early Assurance

Ambulance, Five Quad Volunteer

Anthropology minor

Anthropology, Department of

AP exams

applying for admission

applying for graduation

archaeology (see Anthropology; Mediterranean; Judaic)

Art History courses

Art History minor

Art History, interdisciplinary major in

Art minor

Art, Department of

Art, studio, major

articulation agreements

Arts & Sciences College courses (A Cas)

Arts & Sciences, College of

arts and sciences, liberal, course list

Arts, New Gen Ed


Asian history courses:

Asian Studies minor

Asian Studies Program

Asian, East (see East Asian)

Assembly Session Intern Program

associate degree General Education exceptions

athletic training courses

Athletics and Recreation, Division of

Atmospheric Science courses

Atmospheric Science minor

Atmospheric Science, program, major

attendance, deregistration for lack of


auditing courses

autism courses, Psychology

average, how to calculate

awards and prizes

Awards, Faculty


B as course prefix (see Business, School of)

bachelor/master combined programs    1    2

bachelor's degree, requirements

balancing D grades    1    2

BAMA programs

Belize, anthropology program

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, interdisciplinary major in

Bioethics minor

Biological Sciences, Department of, major

Biology minor

Boston University Joint Dental Program


broadcast meteorology

Buckley Amendment

Bulletin, Undergraduate

Business Administration Program

Business Consulting, Internship courses

Business courses (B Bus)

Business Law courses

Business minor

Business Preprofessional Program

Business School, admission to

Business, Combined Bach./MBA, MS    1    2

Business, School of


C minimum grade for "satisfactory"

C minimum grade for Writing Intensive

C- former minimum grade for "satisfactory"

C- pre-Fall 1997 admits' minimum grade for Writing Intensive

CADD courses

calendars, fall and spring

Campus Center, Management of

campus history

campus map

Career Development Center

Caribbean Studies, Latin American and, Department

Chancellor's Awards

changing a grade

cheating on examinations

Chemistry minor

Chemistry, Department of

Chinese Studies courses

Chinese Studies major

Chinese Studies minor

cinema (see Film Studies; Art)

class standing

class syllabus, minimum contents

class year

Classical Archaeology courses

Classical Archaeology, Art (see Mediterranean Archaeology and Art Concentration)

Classical Literature & Culture Concentration

Classical Studies (see Greek and Roman Civilization)

Classics, Department of

CLEP exams

Cognitive Science minor

Cognitive Science, Linguistics and, Program

collaboration, unauthorized

College of Arts and Sciences

College-Level Examinations (CLEP)

Collins Fellows

combined bachelor/master programs    1    2

combined major/minor, D-balancing

combined major/minor, double counting

combined major/minor, residence requirement

Communication, Department of

Community Service    1    2    3

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Program

Computer Science minor

Computer Science, Department of, majors

Computing & User Services

computing resources, misuse of

Conducting, music concentration

Contents, Table of

Continuing General Education Program

costs, estimated

Counseling Center

Counseling Psychology bachelor's/master's

Counseling Psychology courses

course enrollment

course number, significance of

course regulations

courses, adding

courses, auditing

courses, dropping

courses, liberal arts and sciences list

courses, repeating

credit by examination

credit for work at noncollegiate institutions

credit load

credit, graduation

credit, liberal arts and sciences

credit, major and minor

credit, physical education (limit on)

credit, transfer, after matriculation

credit, unit of academic

Criminal Justice Studies minor

Criminal Justice, School of

cross-listed courses (see also "equivalent")


Cyprus, archaeology (see Classics)


D (course prefix of former Physical Education courses)

D-balancing    1    2

dance courses

Dane Dome

Danish courses

DANTES credit

Dates, Key

Day Care

Dean's Commendation, Part-Time Students

Dean's List

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

declaration of major

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support

degree application

degree in absentia

degree requirements

degree with honors

Dental, Joint Program with Boston University

departmental majors offered

deregistration of students who fail to attend classes

Developmental courses    1    2    3

Disability Studies course

disabled, services to

Disciplinary Perspectives (New Gen Ed Group)

dismissal, academic

Diversity requirement, Human

Diversity, Pluralism and, New Gen Ed

double counting    1    2

double major

double minors (two minors)

Douglass Scholars, Frederick

dropping courses

Dutch language courses


E as course prefix (see Education, School of)

Early Action Policy

Early Admission (students in high school)

Early Assurance, Albany Medical

Early Warning System, Academic

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Department of

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences major    1    2

Earth Science major

East Asian Studies courses (A Eas)

East Asian Studies, Department of

East Asian Studies, interdisciplinary major in

Economics minor

Economics, Department of

Education, School of

Educational Administration and Policy Studies courses

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP)    1    2

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) admission

Educational Opportunities Program advisement    1    2

Educational Opportunities Program courses

Educational Psychology and Statistics courses

Educational Studies minor

Educational Theory and Practice courses

Egyptian archaeology (see Classics)

Electronics minor

engineering: 3+2, programs

English major and course categories

English major Writing Sequence

English minor

English, Department of

EOP (see Educational Opportunities Program)

equivalent courses

Esl courses

estimated costs

ethnology courses (see Anthropology)

Eurasian (see Slavic and Eurasian Studies)

European History courses

exam, credit by

exams, cheating on

exams, final

exceptions to policies



Faculty Awards

Faculty in Residence program

faculty listing (see individual departments)

Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty-initiated interdisciplinary majors

Fall Orientation for Frosh Program


Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974


   notification of rights under FERPA

Film Studies minor

final examination policy

final exams, retention of

Finance courses

financial aid application procedure

financial aid, federal

Financial Aid, Office of    1    2

financial aid, state

Financial Analysis courses

Five Quad Ambulance Service

foreign language placement


formal audit

Foundations of Great Ideas courses

Frederick Douglass Scholars

freedom of expression

French courses

French major

French minor

French Studies

freshman admission

freshman Seminars

Freshman Year Experience course

full-time student defined


G as course prefix (see International Programs)

GEHP (See General Education Honors)

General Education Program (note concerning General Education entries)

General Education course number suffixes

General Education exceptions

general information

General Studies, Office of

Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Analysis

Geography and Planning, Department of

Geography courses

Geography minor

Geological Sciences, program

Geology courses

Geology major

Geology minor

GISSA certificate

Global & Cross-Cultural Perspectives, New Gen Ed

good academic standing

GPA (see grade point average)

grade changes

grade point average required for degree

grade point average required in major, minor, combined

grade point average, calculation of

grade point average

grading option deadline for opted S/U


graduate courses, undergraduates in

graduation application

graduation credit, definition

graduation requirements

grants (see Financial Aid)

Great Ideas, Foundations courses

Greek and Roman Civilization courses

Greek and Roman Civilization major

Greek and Roman Civilization minor

Greek courses    1    2

grievances, academic


H as course prefix (see Public Health, School of)

hacking, penalties for

Health Careers Advisement    1    2

Health Center, University

Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Health, School of Public, courses

Hebrew courses

Hebrew minor

HEGIS codes

high school preparation for admission

High School, The University in the

Hispanic and Italian Studies

History minor

History, Department of

hoarding, penalties for

honoraries and honor societies    1    2

honors programs, major (see also individual majors)

honors programs

honors, awards and prizes

honors, degree with

housing (Residential Life)

Human Biology, interdisciplinary major in    1    2

Human Diversity criteria

Human Resource Management courses

Humanities, New Gen Ed


Ibero-American History courses


incomplete (I) grade

independent study    1    2

informal audit

Informatics, Medical

Information Literacy, New Gen Ed

Information Science and Policy, School of

Information Science, interdisciplinary major

information, general

Intensive English Language Program

interdisciplinary majors

interdisciplinary minors

Interdisciplinary Studies Committee    1    2    3    4

International Baccalaureate

International Perspectives minor

International Programs

International Student Services

international students, admission of

international students, oral communications for

internships    1    2

Italian courses

Italian major

Italian minor


Japanese courses

Japanese Studies minor

Japanese Studies, interdisciplinary major in

Joint admissions programs

Journalism minor

Journalism Program

Judaic Studies courses

Judaic Studies minor

Judaic Studies, Department of

Just Community Principles


Key Dates

Korean courses

Korean minor


Language Placement, Foreign

Language, Foreign, New Gen Ed

Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Department of

Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Department of

Latin American Studies major

Latin American Studies minor

Latin courses

Law Advisement    1    2

Law and Education

Law, 3+3 Program with Albany Law

Law, Business courses

Law, Public, courses

Law, Research courses

Learning Disabled Student Services

learning disabled, resource programs for

Leave for Approved Study

liberal arts and sciences courses, listed


Library and Information Science minor

Library courses, University

Library Science, Master's combined programs

library theft, damage, misuse

Linguistics and Cognitive Science, Program in, major

Linguistics minor

load, credit


major/minor options    1    2

majors, 2.0 in

majors available

majors, credits

majors, D balancing in

majors, declaration of

majors, departmental

majors, double

majors, interdisciplinary

majors, listed on transcript

majors, residence criteria

majors, student-initiated

Management courses

Management Information Systems courses

Management Science courses

Marketing courses

Materials emphasis, Chemistry major

Math Developmental courses

Mathematics and Statistics, Department of, majors

Mathematics and Statistics, New Gen Ed

Mathematics minor

Medical Anthropology minor

Medical Informatics

medical record, for admission

Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Mediterranean Archaeology and Art concentration

Mediterranean Archaeology (Cla) courses

Mentoring Program, Faculty

meteorology, broadcast

Middle Earth Counseling Service

Military Science courses

minors, 2.0 in

minors, approved

minors, credits

minors, D balancing in

minors, interdisciplinary

minors, requirements

minors, residence criteria

motto, SUNY

Multicultural Student admissions

Multicultural Student admissions

Multicultural Student Affairs

multiple majors

multiple minors

multiple submission, penalties

Museum, Art

Music minor

Music, Department of, majors


N (noncredit grade)    1    2

Natural Sciences, New Gen Ed

NCAA, Division II

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

New General Education Program

New General Education Program category course lists

New Student Orientation

nineteen-credit semester limit, exceptions

Non-binding Early Action/Early Decision Policy

non-collegiate institutions, credit from

non-credit courses

non-degree status

nonmatriculated students, admissions    1    2

normal credit load

number, course



O as course prefix (see EOP Developmental Courses)


official notification to students

opted satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading

Optometry, Joint Program with SUNY

Oral Discourse, New Gen Ed

Orientation, New Student


Parent Services

part-time student, defined

pass/fail (see satisfactory/unsatisfactory)

payment information

Peer Tutorial Program    1    2

Pell Grants

permanent address, for official notification

Phi Beta Kappa

Philosophy minor

Philosophy, Department of

photography    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

Physical Education credits (limit on)

Physics minor

Physics, Department of


Planning courses

Pluralism & Diversity, New Gen Ed

PLUS Loans

Police Department, University

policy exceptions

Polish courses

Political Science courses

Political Science minor

Political Science, Department of

Polymers emphasis, Chemistry major

Portuguese courses

Portuguese minor

Prehealth Careers Advisement    1    2

Prelaw Advisement    1    2

Preprofessional Program, Business

Presidential Scholars Program    1    2

President's Awards, Undergraduate Research

prizes, honors, awards

probation, academic

probation, terminal academic

Project Renaissance

Project SHAPE

Psychology minor

Psychology, Counseling

Psychology, Department of

Psychology, Educational

Public Administration and Policy, Department of

Public Administration bachelor's/master's

Public Administration courses

Public Health, School of

Public Law courses

Public Policy courses

Public Policy major

Public Service, Community and    1    2    3

Puerto Rican Studies major

Purple and Gold


quarter course deadlines


R as course prefix (see Rockefeller College)

ranking of programs, national

Reading courses

Readmission, reentry    1    2    3


Registrar's Office

regulations, undergraduate academic

Rehabilitation Counseling bachelor's/master's

release of student information

Religious Studies minor

Religious Studies Program

Renaissance (see Medieval and Renaissance; Project Renaissance)

repeating courses

repeating courses to meet program admission requirements

requirements of bachelor's degree

Research, Undergraduate, President's Awards

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)    1    2

residence requirements, major

residence requirements, minor

residence requirements, senior

residence requirements, university

Residential Life, Department of

retention data, student

retention of examinations

retention standards

returning to the University    1    2

Rhetoric and Communication major

Rhetoric and Communication minor

Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, Nelson A.

ROTC    1    2

Russian and East European Studies minor

Russian and East European Studies Program

Russian Language minor

Russian, courses in translation

Russian, language courses

Russian, major


S/U grading

sabotage, academic

satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading

school or college enrollment

Science Research courses    1    2    3

Scores, Standardized Test

second bachelor's degree, petition for

Senate Session Assistants Program

seniors, 100-level course restriction

Sexual Health and Peer Education Project


Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Social Sciences, New Gen Ed

Social Welfare, School of

Sociology minor

Sociology, Department of

Spanish courses

Spanish minor

Spanish major

special admissions programs

Special Education


Stafford Loans

Standardized Test Policy

Standards of Academic Integrity

standing, class

standing, good academic

State University of New York, information

Statistics emphasis, Mathematics major

Statistics minor

Stone, Edward Durell

student academic record

Student Activities

Student Affairs, Division of

student consumer information

student initiated interdisciplinary majors

student initiated interdisciplinary minors

Student Life, Department of

student retention data

student teaching    1    2    3

studio Art courses

study abroad    1    2

study at other institutions

Study Groups    1    2

Study Skills Workshops

Summer Planning Conferences

summer programs abroad


Supervised Research


T as course prefix of former General Education Honors Program

Table of Contents

Talented Student admissions program

TAP awards    1    2

Teacher Education minor

Teacher Education program

terminal academic probation

Test of English as Foreign Language    1    2

Theatre Institute Internship, New York State

Theatre minor

Theatre, Department of

three finals in one day

TOEFL exam    1    2

training courses, athletic

transfer admission

transfer credit limits from a two-year school

transfer credit, after matriculation at Albany

transfer credit    1    2

Tuition Assistance Program

tuition costs

tuition refunds

Tutors, University    1    2    3


U as course prefix (see University Wide)

U-Kids Day Care

Ukrainian courses

unauthorized collaboration

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Bulletin

Undergraduate Policy Manual

Undergraduate Research, President's Awards

Undergraduate Studies, Office of

Undergraduate Study

United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI)

United States History courses

University at Albany, general information

University Developmental courses    1    2

University in High School Program

University Library courses

University Police

University Seminars (U Fsp)

University Tutors    1    2    3

University-Wide offerings (U Uni)

UPD, University Police

Urban Education minor

Urban Studies and Planning, major    1    2

Urban Studies and Planning, minor

USAFI credit

U.S. Historical Perspectives, New Gen Ed


Veteran's benefits    1    2

visiting students, advisement

voluntarily leaving the University


waiver of requirements    1    2

Warning System, Academic Early

Washington Center for Learning Alternatives

Washington Semester Program


W-indicator (grading)

withdrawing from the University

Women's Studies Department, major

Women's Studies minor

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Developmental courses

Writing Intensive requirement

Writing Sequence, English major

Written Discourse, New Gen Ed


X as course prefix (see Cross-Registration)


year, class


Z-Indicator (grading)

Additional information about the University at Albany's courses, programs, policies and regulations can be found at the web sites of the various departments, schools and offices mentioned in this bulletin, all of them just a click or two away from the University at Albany's home page: www.albany.edu

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