Undergraduate Bulletin, 2002-2003

School of Public Health

Peter J. Levin

Associate Dean
Nancy Alfred Persily

The University at Albany and the New York State Department of Health have entered into a formal arrangement to administer cooperatively the School of Public Health and to offer graduate and professional programs in several fields. Undergraduate students interested in graduate study should consult the Graduate Bulletin.

The Department of Health Policy, Management & Behavior at the School of Public Health is currently developing exciting joint study opportunities for undergraduate economics, sociology, and psychology majors. Undergraduates majoring in these areas are encouraged to contact Health Policy, Management & Behavior at (518) 402-0333 for more information.

The undergraduate course H Sph 101 offered by the School of Public Health is considered a "liberal arts and sciences" course for the purposes of meeting B.A. and B.S. degree requirements.

Courses in the School of Public Health are preceded by the school's letter H.


H Sph 201 Introduction to Public Health (3)
A general introduction to what public health is, its importance for everybody's health, and how it functions as a combination of science and politics. The role of the public health system will be illustrated by describing issues confronting New York State and what is being done about them.

H Sta 271 Medical Informatics (3)
Medical Informatics covers the use of computers to manage healthcare data, decision support for diagnosis and treatment, and the use of artificial intelligence for patient care and clinical investigations.

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