Undergraduate Bulletin, 2002-2003

The University in the High School Program

Gregory I. Stevens, Ph.D., Director

Grace D. Kelly, M.L.S.; M.A. Associate Director

The University in the High School Program, under the direction and sponsorship of the College of Arts and Sciences, is a partnership program between the University at Albany and participating secondary schools throughout New York State.

The Program allows qualified students to earn college credit while still in high school. By entering college with previously earned credits, they can hasten their graduation from college or explore a wider range of academic areas during a regular college sequence.

The following course work is currently available to program participants (see individual department, schools, or programs for course descriptions).The "S-U' option is not available in UHS courses. Other courses may be considered upon request:

Department of Art

A Art 105 Beginning Drawing
A Art 110 Two Dimensional Design
A Art 115 Three Dimensional Design

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science

A Atm 100N The Atmosphere
A Geo 100N Planet Earth

Department of Biological Sciences

A Bio 112 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
A Bio 113 Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
A Bio 117N Nutrition (3)
A Bio 199 Contemporary Issues in Biological Sciences

School of Business

B Acc 211 Financial Accounting

Department of Chemistry

A Chm 100N Chemical ABC's: Atoms, Bonds, and Citizen Consumers

Department of Classics

A Clc 110L Classical Roots: Great ideas of Greece and Rome
A Cll 102L Elementary Latin II
A Cll 201L Introduction to Latin Literature I

Department of Computer Science

A Csi 101N Elements of Computing (3)
A Csi 102 Microcomputer Software
A Csi 201N Introduction to Computer Science

Department of East Asian Studies

A Eac 201L Intermediate Chinese

Department of Economics

A Eco 110M Principles of Economics I-Microeconomics
A Eco 111M Principles of Economics II-Macroeconomics
A Eco 202M The American Economy: Its Structure and Institutions

Department of English

A Eng 121L Reading Literature
A Eng 122L Reading Prose Fiction
A Eng 123L Reading Drama
A Eng 124L Reading Poetry
A Eng 144L Reading Shakespeare
A Eng 222L Masterpieces of Literature
A Eng 226L Study of a Theme: Form or Mode
A Eng 243 Literature and Film
A Eng 296 Classics of Western Literature II:  Ancient Epic to Modern Novel

Department of History

A His 100 American Political and Social History I
A His 101 American Political and Social History II
A His 130 History of European Civilization I

Department of Judaic Studies

A Jst 221 The American Jewish Experience

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

A Fre 221I or L Intermediate French I
A Fre 222I or L Intermediate French II
A Ita 103L Intermediate Italian I
A Ita 104L Intermediate Italian II
A Rus 201L Intermediate Russian I
A Rus 202L Intermediate Russian II
A Spn 103I or L Intermediate Spanish I
A Spn 104I or L Intermediate Spanish II
A Spn 105L Spanish for Bilinguals I
A Spn 205 Spanish for Bilinguals II

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

A Mat 100 Precalculus Math (3)
A Mat 101 Algebra and Calculus
A Mat 108 Elementary Statistics
A Mat 112 Calculus I
A Mat 113 Calculus II
A Mat 214 Calculus of Several Variables
A Mat 220 Linear Algebra

Department of Music

A Mus 100L Introduction to Music
A Mus 110 Basic Music Theory
A Mus 140 Theory I

Department of Physics

A Phy 100N Contemporary Astronomy-the Cosmic Connection
A Phy 105N General Physics I
A Phy 108N General Physics II
A Phy 140N Introductory Physics I
A Phy 150N Introductory Physics II

Department of Political Science

R Pos 101M American Politics

Department of Psychology

A Psy 101M Introduction to Psychology
A Psy 203 Psychology of Child Development

Department of Sociology

A Soc 115M Introduction to Sociology

Department of Theatre

A Thr 140A Fundamentals of Acting (3)
A Thr 201Z Play Analysis (3)

Humanities Topics

A Cas 198 Special Topics in the Humanities

School of Public Health

H Sph 201 Introduction to Public Health (3)

Science Research

A Cas 109 Intermediate Science Research
A Cas 110 Intermediate Methods of Research
A Cas 209 Advanced Science Research
A Cas 210 Advanced Methods of Research

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