Last Look

By Christine A. Doyle, M.B.A.’04
Photos by Marty Heitner

UAlbany in the Big Apple

More than 200 UAlbany donors gathered at the Hearst Tower on June 14 to be recognized for their generous support. The colorful ribbons on many of the nametags worn by alumni denote donor-recognition societies, which include the 1844 Society, the Loyalty Society, and the Heritage Circle Society. For more information on how to support UAlbany, visit

Amy Knapp and Ed Swyer
Amy Knapp ’97, Ed Swyer
Joe De Santis, Sara Richburg and Don Boyce
Joe De Santis (P&G Ambassador), Sara Richburg ’98, Don Boyce ’06, ’08
Diane Burke, Caryn Tuckman, and Susan Dreyer Kossin
Diane Burke ’86, Caryn Tuckman ’75, Susan Dreyer Kossin ’84
Stacie Handwerker
Stacie Handwerker ’89 captures the spectacular view
Jessica Gunsch and Jonathan Estreich
Jessica Gunsch ’06, Jonathan Estreich ’01
Michael Longo, Alison Yu and George Hearst
Michael Longo ’15, Alison Yu, and host George R. Hearst III
Steven Napolitano and Tom Finn
Steven Napolitano ’85, Tom Finn ’89