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Issue #87, December 2021

roses in December in upstate NY!


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Issue #86, September 2021


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Issue #85, June 2021

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Issue #84, March 2021

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Issue #83, December 2020

PLUME has just published a rich collection in honor of Stuart Friebert. It includes offcoursers Ute von Funcke and Diane Louie among many distinguished writers.

We –Ricardo and Isabel– never met Stuart in person, but his temperament, delightfully informal and accessible, shone through all his quick letters, full of “grins”.   For Issue #81, we had received poems from Diane Vreuls. She had written, “Stuart Friebert suggested...” in her cover letter; we thought it was a student of his, as he had sent us several.  We accepted quickly, and Diane shot back “Fastest acceptance ever!”  When we wrote to Stuart to let him know we had liked his “student’s” work, he just said to be sure to write “Diane” with only one N, with a funny story about a student in one of his classes who spelled her own name with THREE Ns. (She explained “My mother wanted me to be different”.) We began to suspect gato encerrado, and looked up Diane Vreuls: she was Stuart's wife! Classic Stuart.  He then told us it was the first time he and Diane had appeared in the same issue of any publication.


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