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OffCourse Literary Journal

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Poems by George Freek


I watch the dying sunlight.
When it passes, stars
will light the night,
like fireflies.
My wife is dead.
My children are grown.
I watch the darkness
closing in on me, alone.
A hawk circles
above the rushing river,
as the moon vanishes.
It’s unable to light my way.
The hawk is my only companion,
and I won’t be unhappy,
if he doesn’t stay.



The day falls off my windowsill
like a curtain dropping.
The moon is a curved knife,
slicing into the night,
but the night is deep.
I hear a bird cry out,
as if his heart was breaking,
as the rest of nature sleeps.

The stars spin their designs
throughout the universe,
far beyond my grasp,
and even if they weren’t,
there are no answers
they could give
to the questions I would ask.


George Freek's poem "Enigmatic Variations" was recently nominated for Best of Net. His poem "Night Thoughts" was also nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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